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  1. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Jeffe, I air missiles.
  2. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    El_Jeffe, Monk knows naught about honor, don't take advice from him on this matter. The thing he is right about is that when you act dishonorably, it does not get forgotten. Ignoring honor can offer you a reliable foe where there would otherwise have been a friend. Monk, this probably isn't the thread for you, no one is talking about how to spin a sad op ending in a loss so it looks like a victory for swarm. Maybe your Australian counterparts should be talking about impressive Swarm ops - or at least someone who has been part of them.
  3. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    LOL, good one. Most memorable op for me was Pittsburgh in January, 2014. Legion destroyed a 17m zone in Pitt after a faceless player was boasting about how tough it was. I was faceless at the time and it was a grueling fight. Both sides gave 100% calling in people from every inch within 400 miles of that zone. I stayed up until 5am with Queetz night after night just to keep the zone clear of amps. Ultimately Legion took the win on that, but I think everyone was pretty proud of how it went down on both sides (except the guy who opened his mouth). https://portal.qonqr...eStatistics/872 I led a couple very successful boardwipes against Legion while I was Faceless as well including one against this guy that made him quit (sorry Silver) - https://portal.qonqr...ails/alexrudead Look at his stats on your phone, they are insane... This guy must have spent thousands of cubes in his first week playing. And of course, after switching to Legion there have been a couple, but my favorite, by far, was boardwiping Monk's sorry self. Whenever I get a chance to attack a coward, I get excited. Deleting Monk from the CT leaderboard felt great! Such zones, very coordination, many laugh, wow.
  4. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

    This is just a post I made for personal reasons. I'm going to leave it here. Thanks.
  5. September Atlantis

    **** it, I really should look at the forums more often. I missed the chance to engage in a flame war with my favorite wimp. Oh well, I'll get another chance in the October Atlantis thread.
  6. September Atlantis

    Thanks Dings, We could have have done it without the cooperation of Faceless. Thank you guys for working together to let the air out of Swarm! They say they can't be beaten, but I think we proved them wrong! Faceless and Legion have worked hard for the last several months to gain any chance and this round, with everyone firing on all cylinders, it was achieved! -Legion, you guys made me proud to be Legion the last few months. We've suffered some brutal losses, but the core players still show up and give it 100%. -Faceless you guys have helped make this game more fun round after round. Without the groundwork of the last few months, we wouldn't have stood a chance, either faction. -Swarm, take heed. Every dynasty has its day. We will bring you down, one way or another. Check your arrogance before you challenge the badasses of Legion and Faceless. We don't crumble under pressure, maybe you could learn something there. Great battle everyone, well fought! I look forward to the next round and doing it all over again!
  7. Ghost Town/Vega80

    No, I'm stable I swear. Ask my psychiatrist. Actually don't do that... Just take my word for it. You can trust me, I'm a salesman.
  8. Ghost Town/Vega80

    Ugh, ding... Silence is golden. Please don't ruin that. Don't do what you always do. Just once, please?
  9. Atlantis June, 2015

    I want to start by thanking Faceless. This round of Atlantis, Legion and Faceless were doubled in sized and probably spending by Swarm. I contacted some great players from the other side and put together a nonaggression pact, this pact was one of the most impressive agreements I've seen in the more than two years of playing. Hundreds of people worldwide stuck to this agreement and put past feelings behind us. It was awesome to see both sides stick so closely to each other in fighting against Swarm. I want to really thank everyone who showed honor by standing behind me and the faceless command when we suggested that, the people who really gave it a chance and then most importantly, to all the players who honored it. Faceless, thank you very much! We stood no chance of winning without you! The battle came down to literally one launch in one of three zones. I'd say that with that being said everyone fought incredibly hard, so I want to give Swarm the respect they deserve. You guys really show out and play to win. Good game, 2 against 1 is not easy, no matter how large your crew is. And Legion, we had many late, late nights, many very long days. You guys killed it this month! We didn't take home a trophy, but I would say we all have something to be proud of! The other leaders who helped me coordinate everything were awesome! So many great people kept everything moving forward 24 hours a day for the whole week. Thank you to everyone who gave it your all for the whole week even when we saw that Swarm had 4x our bots at the end of just one day. Many people would have given up, but we held in and **** near won! I've won Atlantis battles with Faceless and with Legion but I will say, nothing was as fun or incredible as this round! You guys are fantastic and I can't wait to do it all again next month! Hopefully we have more Legion and Faceless show up for the next round, but I know that even if we don't, we will figure out a way, just as warriors do. PEW! PEW! PEW!
  10. The best Legion and Swarm players

    ROFL! Thanks for making my day!
  11. The best Legion and Swarm players

    Monk, you disgust me. Don't discuss your faction with pride, it is worthless because of it's leadership. You could have had 40 players of your own to hide behind and lost all your zones. Swarm is broken and fractured because of your mismanagement with "the council". I'm not ashamed to have been faceless, but my biggest regret in this game is leaving Legion to join your worthless band of sadness. Do something impressive and then you may have pride, until then, you have nothing to be proud of. I hope one day someone gets wise and puts a real team over there. Otherwise swarm will always be a sidequest on the east coast.
  12. Earit Looks terrible in red

    I think I'm on the good side though I really like wearing the red.
  13. Launch Verification

    RCVA, my complaint isnt that I have to verify. It's that my verification is forgotten so quickly as though I launched 30x and then verified and turned it over to a bot to cube while I went and ate dinner. I think 30min between verification isnt unreasonable to ask. Even 20. If you're cubing for longer than 20 minutes, you're doing a lot of clicks anyway, 5 more wont hurt.
  14. Launch Verification

    I've been really frustrated. I've hit this probably 100x during the last week due to cubing. If I verify, it should stick. I shouldn't have to do a verification every couple scopes just because I'm refreshing quickly in black. It should stick for an hour or 30m at the VERY least.
  15. Gold Status and Atlantis

    Kills are a dime a dozen in Atlantis. At the very best, if you counted them, it would need to be like 2-1 conversion. I got like 4m last Atlantis and I've got several mil this round too. The idea of those zones is to have a massive battle, which also means a killing field. I think they should count towards something, but keep them separated from the regular gold star. Maybe add a silver border for the next month until next Atlantis or something. Idk, just spitballing.