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  1. Well we have really enjoyed qonqring here in NY over the years. So much has happened, everything used to be green and some red, and then we painted it all purple! Thereafter we continued to keep this way for more than a year. Quite a few QONQR players from all over have visited us, dropped some bots in Manhattan, and exchanged greetings, so nice! While we had a wonderful run, unfortunately more of what remains of the team have decided now to join many other long gone NYC faceless in retirement, including me. But before that happens I would like to salute and send some special thanks out others on behalf of the team. First and foremost, very special thanks to the many ECF regional players who have supported the NYC team over the years. We know most of you have retired, but if you are reading this, know that we still love you! Thanks to Flower and her swarm team. I personally was not here that far back since I have only been here a year, but I asked cas and RedPill to tell me the stories, about the big local fights day after day, they truly made it sounds like it was the best moments in the game coming from them. Thanks to Sonar’s swarm team out on Long island. You guys are so quiet! While legion never elected to step on your home turf, we enjoyed doing so! Sonar, you must be the fastest bot launcher in the whole east coast! The sheer speed in which you would just out launch all of us combined, OMG! Hehe! Thanks to our legion friends up in the Bronx. Our fairly regular and routine sparring partners. So many fun moments! minimo, you seem so dramatic, and ratwar gentleman like. Thank you to NJ faceless who helped us out at occasionally. cheechz comes up with some of the funniest jokes in groupme And to the regional support of east coast legion. I do not think any other group has managed to pull so many players together to run ops like you. Your repeated entrances towards Manhattan during the past year were very well played. How you would just come in and level 5, 7 or even 10 of our zones in one evening, utterly impressive! Finally, I do not want to forget the QONQR developers. Thanks a lot for the game and making it all possible! Well we might return someday at least after a long break or maybe when QONQR blue comes out but until then, happy qonqring everyone! Byes! -RedPill, cas, WillisDylan, wheg, Brasston, Weedz, Sarai, Happygurl
  2. Atlantis: The Evolution

    Looks quite interesting and nice. Looking forward, thanks!
  3. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    Hi, I have to be honest I did not deploy there a lot. Still it was nice to have a new activity, especially one that brought hundreds of faceless around the world together in one Groupme channel. I think I spent more time just reading the chat then anything else, I liked the social part the most, was fun! Thank you.
  4. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    The new changes are nice, thank you.
  5. Factions flawed?

    I chose Faceless because purple is my favorite color in RL.
  6. Break Out of Sync Lock

    So this means if we get sync locked, we can just stop deploying with our alt. Then perhaps come lunchtime we go out somewhere 50+ meters away and swap scopes to deploy with the alt, instead of our main. After lunch and having returned home, we proceed to break the lock. Another alternative is too just share the Alt account with a teammate in another neighborhood nearby or the next town over, then just break the lock that way. It seems worth less effort to bother now. We would have to roll the dice and hope after another some more hours of multiscoping, we can again catch him or her and relock; before dinner maybe. In other words less serious long term punishment for the truly dedicated multiscoping cheaters.
  7. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    @Vile: Yes if you have 30 vs 30 fights, I can agree with you that there can still be strategy, even with the API information. However I think it is not like that for most of us. I travel a lot and in most parts of the world I only see a few active players in any given area. So I think for much of the QONQR playing population, the ability to sneak in boosters and have 10+ persons (who are only in NM range) range help knock it, is quite critical.
  8. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    I think the API issue is more important. I don't see any strong defense here for it. You should not have "live radar" on your computer or even on your cell phone, indicating what is happening to your zones every minute. Otherwise it is like I said, not much strategy left, players are left relegated to less interesting activity like vying over Leaderboard status and fame. As for cubing, in general it is hard to challenge that. If you are a competitive player who is taking your phone out "every 20 minutes of your waking hours" to play QONQR, I think it is only natural to accept that most such persons buy cubes too. If you're spending so much of your RL time to play this game, then it is too attractive to spend at least some RL money. I have purchased cubes and I know most of the local competitive (very active) players in my area have also buy cubes. We all never seem to run out of the "expensive bots". In any case, QONQR cannot be a free game for everyone. You have to accept that the Devs need to make a living. There are costs associated to having the servers, developing the software behind the game, marketing it, etc. In this area though, I still think important changes could be made. First, make the P2W options more transparent and second, give players more options to buy.
  9. What happened to Strategy in Qonqr

    I think the OP nailed the 2 biggest challenges in the game atm. I would even suggest both of the OP's points are even a bit linked.... With the advent of many Public API tools, especially the more savvy ones that will routinely scrape "only your local zones" for data and provide you "insta alerts" if boosters deployed in your zones, there are no sneak attacks anymore. Establishing a foot hold is now more luck of the draw; Ops are now regularly planned during rush hour, early morning hours, etc...always just rolling the dice and hoping your opponent is stuck in traffic, in a RL meeting for work, in the shower or sleeping because you see no recent API data indicating they are active atm. No strategy if you have to play the game like that. With the above in mind, this increases pressure to cube. That is the only quick & dirty alternative if you want to beat your opponents and get on top. If you cannot change the zone landscape, then not much else to do except stack (hide behind) towers to work on your leader board status, or plasma beam one of your opponent's towers to death so you move up one notch. So I would argue if you nerf the API tools, then it would impact cubing also, less RL money being spent.
  10. Windows Phone App: Faceless Geman Corps

    Hiya, Looks very nice. It should help in particular those who would like to play, but do not know so much English.
  11. Defensive upgrades

    Ok thank you.
  12. Defensive upgrades

    Hi, Does this condition apply to Hardened lattice bots too?
  13. Absorbers boost and mechanics

    I have read more of the document now. May I provide feedback here...? I have the impression that defense can be buffed too excessively here.