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  1. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    You can disagree, but the world of qonqr depends on free players who WANT to play as much as possible. Disrupting that changes everything... I can only speak for myself but version 1.17 would have gotten uninstalled after being played once. I wouldn't have taken the time needed to fully engaged qonqr universe. You do you... Ads don't effect ME directly except now there us a settings toggle to hit. From this point forward they effect the future of qonqr universe and every player indirectly. Especially by making it less "sticky."
  2. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    If I had started playing the game and it had ads where they currently are, I'd have never converted to a paying player. Ruins the game. I was furious after the update until reading this post. The ads have been turned off and I'm going to pretend they never existed but hopefully a real cost/reward analysis was done before the decision was made. The world of qonqr gets worse this day, NOT better.
  3. Zone Assult or Deflection on defense?

    Having a layer of Zone Assault Bots makes it hard for the opponent to deploy support and defensive bots. ZA is best cleared with Seekers which are easily destroyed with Plasma Beams and Missiles. So your essentially making sure that a zone where you have Boosters and Strengtheners you maintain the upper hand. I'd compare it to forcing your opponent into fighting an uphill battle. If you don't have support bots then it's an effort to keep things on a level playing field. We don't fight fair, we fight to win. Defenders with time to build have a strong advantage.
  4. Bot Boosters - Worth Using?

    I wouldn't deploy support bots unless I had 25,000 Harden Lattice Bots first. Then it would depend on how many team members where in the zone with me. If there are a decent amount of players in the zone I'll deploy Divert Bots first to cover up the support bot threat. If I'm trying to spear head the assault on my own or other players don't have a lot of bots in the zone I'll build my defense up Deflection bots first. 8 Deployments on maximum recharge doesn't take very long. When battling for a well defended zone it's basically mandatory to level the playing field. This is a game of patience. Save your QCredit for the maximum rate of return. Every battle will be different.
  5. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    I have an HP touchpad with cyanomod dual boot and will have the ACL as soon as it's released be pheonix labs. It can get the GPS from the internet IP or from being paired with my Pre3/Ativ S if you guys would like something a little different to beta test on.
  6. Are Seekers Worth their Worth

    I use seekers 90% to attack. The main purpose of seekers are to clear a path for your defensive bots so you can easily establish a beach. Meaning other seekers, zone assault, and shockwave bots. the other 10% of the time I'll send a seeker strike first as a scout team to ensure the path is clear for othe high value deployments or to see what defense the enemy has established. Since seekers are easily destroyed by the plasma beam and missiles I've found it best to leave a thin layer to coat my formation. Usually when I'm done clearing out a zone I won't add any more. A good rule of thumb is 5/1 or 4/1 Deflection to seeker ratio until 100,000 Deflection are deployed. A plasma beam or missile can take out over 4k of seekers in an attack, so what that layer does is: 1) annoy an attacker 2) forces them to use qcredit resources OR waste valuable time/effort & bots dealing with your active defense 3) serves as a warning alarm with a minimal initial cost to your defense. Your mileage will very with this, so play around and find out what works best for you and your area. In my opinion, if your going to "turtle" at a key location it's better to focus on deflection first, get some zone assault, add your support, then deflection deflection deflection... I'm bored with deflection, lets add some more Zone Assault, Deflection, deflection, DeFlEcTion... That's, like, just my opinion, man. YOU do You.