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  1. So, i live in sweden...

    Wow! Sweden is 38% uncaptured (for comparison Finland is 0.02% uncaptured)!! I should definitely see what I can reach in Sweden.
  2. Perhaps to maintain a ongoing list that has all the player ID of players that don't play anymore? Perhaps a key trigger could be that they are added after 6 months of inactivity. Or that they get added once a player has registered and then all their bots has died (in whatever reason).. Both ways probably people will get added there that shouldn't, but those cases can probably be handled in the Support.
  3. Launch Verification

    Well perhaps my post was a little off. It is not probably a good idea to create a full database that has all the symbols, but at least have some instructions with the symbols in them. Now there is the video (that is shown here). It's better than nothing I guess. Now that there actually are instructions in the game about it, I think the situation is better. And when I now have seen the Launch Verification I don't fail it so often anymore. But I wanted to write a post here to show people that you can actually fail the test and still be human. Especially when seeing it the first time and being confused. And not contacting Support for 3 days when seeing something like this is to me a very natural thing. To me it seems it shouldn't be a reason to block someones account. Fortunately Support was really helpful with this. After contacting them I think my account was back online in less than 24 hours. So 10 points to the people working in Support for that. I still have a bad experience which means that when I see the screen I won't try it if I'm any busy. I will quit launching for that day until I have to think it through. Perhaps I wouldn't need it, but I don't want to make it wrong again (which earlier let my account being blocked). So in my experience Launch Verification is the reason I now launch less than before. I am not sure if I'm the only one, but that is also something I wanted to write about (to let more people know how the feature affects to the game).
  4. Launch Verification

    ^^ This. Very good idea!
  5. Launch Verification

    I can easily see that this is the inspiration behind the Launch Verification. I also got the same word from the Support. But it hardly means they are the same thing. First of all when trying the shapes a child will get immediate feedback whether the solution is correct or not. If the task was to find the correct symbol for one picture it would represent this quite accurately. If you want to give this kind of game to a child to accurately represent the Launch Verification it should be done so that children is given 4 pictures of shapes and then 4 other pictures. After they have selected an order for them, they are told it's either correct or incorrect and no explanation on what was the problem. I can easily see many children failing that test. And hardly any child has been given this test without any instructions. The usual method is that an adult shows first which part goes to what hole and then we see if the child can figure it out on his own. In Launch Verification no instruction is ever given. Nor is there any help section to look for. And thirdly, if a child cannot pass this game in a long time or makes too many mistakes while trying to guess his way out, it doesn't end up blocking their account. In my case I was blocked the first time I tried to solve it. And I think I made a good effort having no instructions on what to do. I am not against Launch Verification here. If it's needed then I am fine with it. But I am against for not having any instructions on how to use it. The game has a very well made FAQ section. Why isn't there any mention of this Launch Verification? The game itself prompts help screen for every new stuff that you click on. So why not have a help screen to tell people what to do when they see it the first time? And I do think that having to coup with Launch Verification when launching less than 100 times per day is hardly something that will prevent people from using launching bots. It'll more likely make genuine people who play the game not to do so anymore (if it has any effect at all). EDIT: I checked the in-game help and now it seems there is section for launch verification. I don't know if it's because of these messages or an unrelated matter, but I think it's a major improvement. I still think that somewhere should be a section where you could check the symbols that exist and found out what their correct solutions are. Or at least have some more detailed instructions. For instant I had no idea that you're supposed match symbol inside a circle (which I haven't been able to confirm, but I will test this if I ever see that kind of symbol again). Previously I was being told to match a shape with similar shape.
  6. Launch Verification

    An IQ test is a method determining how smart a person is. I wouldn't say it's the best one. And the tests come with instructions on how to fill them in. Without filling instructions the tests are meaningless.
  7. Launch Verification

    This might be the very reason why I have failed it so many times (and also why I have had a feeling that the symbols are sometimes inconsistent and why I'd want instructions). I have to keep my eye out for the circles. Thank you.
  8. Launch Verification

    I've seen an option to enter the code using the Portal. I have never though of it being any improvement as the code is still the same. But I must ask: There are numbers in the circles? I thougth that you have to match circles with other circles. That's what I've always done.
  9. Launch Verification

    Well it's been stated here already (I think), but it's very easy to make a mistake here when.. 1) You have never seen anything like that before. 2) There are no instructions on how to use it. 3) Being confused. Also I can see that some people probably have no problem with those things. I can also imagine that some people have more. People are different with different kind of cultural back grounds and educations etc. Some things that are very intuitive to some are complete opposites to others. As I am not confident when entering the code I can never tell if the code is correct (until I see the outcome). It makes me think of those special pictures that some people can easily see and some cannot see anything even when they are told how they work. And I've seen pairs of code where there are 2 symbols that I feel would go either way. That is how I know it's not always entirely clear what the code is. Of course in reality it means you would need just to enter the code to find out which one is correct and then use the other solution if it fails, but when I feel that entering the code incorrectly leads for account being blocked, I wouldn't want that I'd have to check the code in order to know if it's correct or not. Also.. From the blog post etc. I've learned that it should be impossible for anyone to see the code more than perhaps once in 3 days. Does this have been changed or have this been changed as you claim to have seen this "every day often more than once"?
  10. Launch Verification

    Well I think it's a code (and it says "code" on the screen: "Launch Authorization Code Required"). I have now met this screen perhaps 3-4 times. First time I failed it enough times that I was suspected being a bot and my account was blocked. After that I have failed it even more times, but usually I have gotten it right with practise. I do feel that verification process is counter-intuative on some cases. And that is the reason why I think there should be a way to ask for an another verification if you don't see the solution to the one you have been given right away. Even ReCaptcha has this option so as much as people hate it I think it has done that part right. Being stuck with a code that you cannot see the solution of is just frustrating. And for one I don't think the plan was ever to prevent humans from playing the game. As for developers can give some feedback from my experience. 1) Because of Launch Verification I certainly now launch less than before. I launch less because of the time I have been blocked by the verification screen. Beside that I have only little confidence that I can make it right which means that in case I am in a hurry I usually don't even try the code unless I have a good amount of time think about it. Having my account blocked before because of failed attemps is not helping. Even though it'd not be true, I still think that failing the code will get my account blocked. So not trying has became my solution to not having to contact Support again because of this matter. 2) I also launch less because of I fear that I would see the Launch Verification screen. By not lauching I have found solution to play the game. I can still harvest and invest to the ordinance just fine which has become my main way to play. A very good thing is that you can harvest even when you're blocked by the Code Verification Screen. Unfortunately I cannot really offer any good solutions to this matter. Even if you'd offer a way to ask for an another Code Verification, I think it wouldn't change the bad experience that I've had with this issue so far. And apparently QONQR won't change into a time without Launch Verifications so that'd be out of question.
  11. Launch Verification

    Thanks for the video. It was helpful (although it might be same video I also received by e-mail). I have now had some experience with launch verification (I remember seeing the screen for at least 3 times now). I still think you should never see this screen when you launch less than 50 times a day as those people are hardly using bot launchers. Also I can definitely recommend to have a button somewhere in it where you can ask for a different code if you don't see the solution immediately. Usually I have no problems anymore with the codes and I can solve it easily on first try, but just recently I was met with a code that I didn't see the solution for. I remember failing it at least 2 times before getting it right. Fortunately this time my account was not blocked because of it. If you could ask for a different code it'd be more likely you get something that you know the answer to. And you wouldn't end up stuck with a code that you cannot solve. It would be a huge improvement for this feature.
  12. Launch Verification

    I think a link to a help topic (perhaps one in the FAQ) would work just fine.. Actually just a link to a picture which shows a launch verification and its correct code is probably enough.. Also.. I didn't notice this earlier, but since I now cannot launch because of this verification, I have looked into it a little more. There is no option for asking for a different puzzle if for some reason you don't see the solution. Even in basic Captha there is an option to ask for another code to verify. I think it'd definitely need something like that.
  13. Launch Verification

    Everything is better than Captcha. That is not really a good measurement for quality.. Anyway - here is what would help me: 1) Have an instruction that will be shown whenever you encounter this code verification. Have it in a way that it gives instructions how to use the system, but also at least one set of code as an example. For those who don't need instructions you can easily just put check a mark on it to not see it again. There is already ton of instructions that you see when starting to play the game for any new screen you encounter, so I don't think this would be so extraordinary. 2) Include this instruction into the game Help/FAQ. (Probably a good thing to include it in the Portal too.) 3) Don't give an example like you have one here in your blog (http://blog.qonqr.co...h-authorization), but also add the correct answer. For instant in my case I've already learned that if I try to guess the code, my account will be locked. I don't have any reason to even try it, as I don't know how the code works. If I'd see a set of code AND its answer, I'd probably could see the pattern. EDIT: Also note that I am a human player and yet I failed the code 20 times when I didn't know what to do. And I still don't know if I ever got it right (or is it just that after failing it 20 times the system autoquits and locks that account automatically?). This should be a mean that the instructions are not as clear as they should be. Also what I've now learned about this system is that it is supposed to be easy to pass when you know what to do. So it's basically equivalent of Columbus' Egg type of puzzle which is really easy to get correct when you know how to produce the correct the answer, but not so if you don't. My initial idea when I received that screen was actually that my game probably got corrupted in some update and I am seeing a screen that is meant for the devs to allow them to make changes to the game (or to test it etc.). So it was very confusing.
  14. Launch Verification

    I am not crying about having to verify myself as a human. I think it might actually be very necessary feature. But I do think it shouldn't apply for people who clearly are not auto-launching. For instant if you launch less than 20 times a day (and not even every day at that), it's a really lousy program if it's an auto launcher. I don't think these people should get locked. Laugh at perhaps.. And I also think it's not good that there is no instructions on how to use this feature (like there is no mention of it in the in game Help and FAQ). Having already my account locked once because of failing to put in the right code, I think it is an issue. And I am crying a little here too.
  15. Launch Verification

    I don't know really if it's unnecessary (I don't really have any idea one way or another), but at least in my case I would say that it is not a very good indicator of automatic launching. I for one hardly launch at all (and don't even launch every day). If my actions are done by a launching bot, it certainly is a really crappy bot. So for one you would assume that I'd never see this verification code, but I still did. Once. And I failed the code 20 times, because I didn't know what to do when I see one.