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  1. Funniest Zone Names

    Happy Homes, Utah.
  2. Sent, not too long before you joined, there were two Swarm that popped up in the Ogden area around the same time as eachother: QukSlvr and B3NNIS. They were both dedicated and did a fair job holding their bases. Since it was only the 3 of us battling eachother up north while the Faceless were (then) running rampant in the SLC area, it quickly became apparent that we were wasting resources on eachother while Faceless was taking over the state. B3NNIS joined the Legion and QukSlvr stopped attacking us, promising that he would join the Legion soon. Since then, B3NNIS has been doing a great job keeping Ogden red while I've been working with other dedicated Legionnaires in SLC (hats off to Loquat who is leading the fight down there). Anyway, sorry for the history lesson. I just wanted you to know a bit of the local history so you can understand why we have been giving you no breathing room. My original offer to you still stands in joining Legion: we'd love to fight along side you against the Faceless scum and you know we'd back you up when you needed us!
  3. Man, it makes me glad that I don't live by any polygamist families that play this game.
  4. Agent Sunday

    It's from Prometheus. The resemblance to Sunday is kinda eerie, lol.
  5. Agent Sunday

    I always imagined her as the grumpy, authoritarian type.
  6. Agent Sunday

    I thought I would show my faction loyalty somehow