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  1. so... i've played the game a long time. before we had the ability to use the 'alerts' we had to manually patrol to find attackers.. i think that made for a lot of excitement/surprise in the game. i admit the API was a cool feature in the game when it was introduced, giving the advantage to vigilant defenders.. but now its just too hard to attempt any sort of sneak attack. the beachhead style attack has become all but useless at this point.. im not saying to eliminate the alerts completely, but at least have regular 'blackouts' where the API is shut down for a number of days giving us the ability to potentially do some damage to our enemies without them knowing.. unless of course they are really diligent in patrolling their zones. imo it would bring some spice back into the game..
  2. first time checking in here.. i did a quick search and didnt see mention of this. there is no refresh button in the zone leaderboard to see who's in a zone real-time..? i know the leaderboard isnt accurate as ive tried deploying deflectors only to find there were enemy obots in the zone which i wasnt aware of. this feature is pretty essential to normal play.. which is why i havent really used blue after i installed it. i figured it would be fixed quickly..
  3. what he said.. and sometimes regional leaderboard is wonky..
  4. i think you should be limited to a certain number of refreshes per hour.. maybe 20? the ability for endless refreshes due to unlimited spending leads to a "god mode" which ruins the strategy and planning involved in this game. hours of coordination and work can be stomped on by a big spender in a matter of minutes..