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  1. Good! If you exhaust there QONQR allowance and your more persistant than they are, you'll get the zone back. All that will have changed is that QONQR gets more funds.
  2. If your really thinking about switching factions, I hope you make the right choice and join faceless! *cough faceless rule cough*
  3. Factions flawed?

    I can personally say that faceless are not a better organized faction everywhere. For example where I live, my fellow faceless more care about their own towers rather than helping out in battle. In fact in some places, faceless have been converting to legion or swarm because of the lack of friendliness and teamwork, both of which are big reasons QONQR is such a fun game.
  4. April Fools Day 2014

    Uh oh. I don't like the sound of this.
  5. Hello there.

    Yuzzzzz! Glad you picked the best faction!

    1. LoL 2. Kinds of adds are not controlled by QonQr staff
  7. Bot tank and Energy Tank

    Quick question. To most efficiently spend my Qredits, I need to know about the tank upgrades. What is there highest level they can get to? There worth 100000 each so I find them quite a hassle...
  8. Clearly Written Basic Guide For Noobs

    Thanks for making this! Now I don't have to explain QONQR to every new player in Kansas!
  9. Legion Poster Children

    Do they though?
  10. A Fresh Faceless

    Nah. Faceless = the best its just more and more people are coming to realize this.
  11. Additional Factions

    This idea is great but the number of players in each faction would be unbalanced and some achievements would have to be changed.
  12. How do I report an abusive player?

    I would message an admin if possible, but I don't know how. If someone is going to go to such lengths as to cyber stalk you, you definitely need assistance. Intimidating messages are allowed. Offensive or threatening messages are not.
  13. 25 achievement

    This is just a reminder for everyone not to launch any bots over the 25th for the universal truce! In case anyone forgot.
  14. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    Whoooooaahhh. Deep man.