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  1. Atlantis June, 2015

    Fun fact: Swarm wins fake zones because that can't win real ones. Discuss.
  2. Vulcan Death Grip

  3. Vulcan

    That should say, "Taking down an 8mil+ enemy tower in 15 hours", technically.
  4. What's in a name?

    Rebel comes from the reggae band I used to play in, and I'm am Atlanta Falcons fan.
  5. Who/what is the Government?

    Unhuman was never part of the Government. He was, however, part of a leadership group when we helped take down St. Louis. He brought up the idea to is for a group of mercs, and after a long discussion, Messuna and some others included, we decided that it wasn't good for the state. After that, he threw a big tantrum and left every group he was in with us.
  6. Who/what is the Government?

    Most of the swarm that hate us live nowhere near us, honestly, and it's fueled by our Atlantis play. All we do is QONQR. That's kind of the point of the game. There have been several incidents in the past between some of our Government guys and the people who aren't a part of it, and if I could go back and change them, I would. There are some great players in Illinois that aren't as dedicated as we are, and I wish that the rift hadn't occurred between us. As I said before, there is a lot of distrust in mercs due to Unhuman's actions, so when some of our members discovered that others were in groups and sharing information with GPF, they became paranoid and attacked them.
  7. Who/what is the Government?

    She did, and almost quit the game because of you. I remember it well. Also, I'm terribly sorry that I was 5% off. Unhuman, you should be proud of us! We went beyond the "No mold" policy, and it's now an "only purple" policy! We've grown! Now, to your post, I have to disagree on some of your points. First, you talk about us having an ego, yet you started GPF to feed your own ego. You decided the game was meant to be social with war being second, and made an entire forum thread based on how you are right and everyone else is wrong. You have started a handful of threads lately to feed your own ego, and bash on the Government, and are even trying to make this thread about YOU. You're getting to be quite a hypocrite. It's cool, though. We've come to expect nothing less. Yes, I used to work behind the scenes, pitting swarm against legion. That's true, and I was really good at it. I enjoyed it. It was winning ground in Chicago from legion, and was working well. Our "no mold" policy came from the swarm there working with legion against our already outnumbered people, and we took to hitting the swarm to stop it. That's the exact moment you decided what we were doing was wrong, and started GPF. You were okay with us doing the same thing to anyone around St. Louis, but when we took the tactic anywhere else, it became a horrible thing in your eyes. Ari has been wiped out, through a massive effort that included all of Illinois Faceless, some of the fine Midwest Faceless, and even some of the GPF people. We're glad to see the huge tower gone. I do miss Ari, though. She was a really cool person. The reason she got the truce to begin with was because of the respect I had for her playing ability. She was relentless, and told us that she'd stop if she could have Effingham. Massune and I agreed to it. Oh, that's right, it wasn't a Government truce, it was one made by locals that eventually spread to the entire group of Illinois Faceless. Back to the topic at hand. I'm not seeing more questions, only childish retorts made by the same people that have overwhelmed the forums with blame these days. It's really sad to see.
  8. Who/what is the Government?

    So, a lot of people have been going crazy and pointing blame lately, and I'm here to clear up some of the confusion about the group we call "The Government". First, what exactly is the Government? The Government is a group of players in Illinois that started out as a Chicago strike force, back when Legion dominated the area. It was essentially me, Ghostfaceff and Marklitwin, with a few others added in as well(sorry if I can't remember the rest, it's been awhile). Unhuman, when he became upset after we helped take the greater St. Louis area and we wanted some help in Chicago, left the faction to form the GPF, and said it was based on our politics. We decided that since we were so political, we'd call ourselves the Government. The Government has evolved into a group of close-knit, dedicated players that would rather just pick a zone and destroy it than spend a lot of time setting up an op. Second, who is responsible for what goes on? We really don't have one leader. Most of the time, someone will throw a zone out into chat, and we all blast it until it's cleared. Those of you blaming Dings90 for everything are seriously showing your ignorance. Third, what do we do? We take over. We've taken around 90% or more of the state of Illinois, and are now branching out into other states with the help of some of the players in those states. Which states? I can't say, due to our "super secret" plans(not my words). I will gladly answer any other questions that any of you have, but if you don't keep it civil, I'll just ignore you. Yes, it's true there have been rifts between those of us in the room, and those who aren't. I had hoped that when Messuna created the other Illinois room, it would heal some of those wounds. Unfortunately, after everything that Unhuman did when creating GPF, and how some of the other players acted(For example, Bad Medic, who made good Medic cry when he flipped and started attacking her), it's difficult for many members of the Government to accept Merc players as anything other than honorless players. On the other hand, I encouraged players in the Government to go join the other room, not as spies, but because there are some cool players in the other group. I have burned a lot of bridges with them, but I still think highly of them. Here's where the question/answer portion opens up. Fire away!
  9. Cupcakes

    Told her that even a thread about cupcakes will bring all the idiots out en masse.
  10. Rogue players

    Yet another pointless thread, ripe with idiocy.
  11. Short and simple

    It's funny you idiots gang up on dings, when you have no idea what you're talking about. Mob rule, though. A gaggle of idiots have a louder voice than just one, and we all know you can't think for yourselves.
  12. Sore Losing?

    Whole bunch of stupid in this thread
  13. Attn: IL & Surrounding Area Faceless

    Why would I put a spy in the social room? If I wanted to know something, I would ask Messuna myself. Ask them about how indirect I am.