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  1. Dings is right. Krypt is misleading you. You want to have a 50/50 combination of seekers and zone assault. Then add stealth.
  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Pew, pew, pew, pew
  3. Attention Qonqr Agents

    I feel bad for those of the 4th that believed that they were a faction. After observing the internal conversations of the group, it is apparent that each member was lacking the true meaning of faction. I am especially sympathetic, since this was a plot orchestrated by Monk & R3dSt1ing to gain Intel from its ranks. It is clear to me that both swarm and faceless do not have a true sense of what a faction should be. For those of the true legion, we know that ours is a bond of brotherhood that cannot be broken. If you are in a faction that doesn’t support its members you are in the wrong faction. For the sake of humanity we Legion will qonqr or convert all who oppose!
  4. 4 decent players up for grabs!

    Legion stands united. I personally will give up my zones so my brothers in arms can have a successful op. This has been proven to be true for all of us in the north east. When we say, we are legion it is because we are united, and will go out of our way to help members we never even igmed before. choice is yours. united we stand. Together we qonqr! we are legion
  5. Is that all you got??Talk about trying to bully!

    Happy fathers day massacre!
  6. I can remain silent no longer...

    Dave, when are you going to join the Legion, you know your true color is red. your neighbor to the north, Shamus
  7. Attention Legion operatives

    We are united. We are legion! P.S. I haven't heard of any legion switching to Swarm. Interesting...
  8. Bullies

    Do you accept manufacturers coupons?
  9. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When you wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and grab you phone so you can pad your zones and harvest your bases before going back to sleep.
  10. Bullies

    Kraax, you have it wrong. We are not individual legion members. We are Legion. I do not expect a faceless to understand.
  11. Bullies

    I am Honored that it took 5 local + all of the souronding Swarm, and 4 local faceless to take out ONE Legion. No fear, Legion will turn it red.