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  1. Misconceptions about the factions

    The descriptions I got were the ones given when I started the game. In it the Faceless were described as wanting personal wealth and power, not to give QONQR tech to everyone.
  2. There is a lot of propaganda and confusion going around about the nature of each faction and I'd like to try and give a different opinion based directly off the description of the factions that was given when I joined the game. A lot of people see the Legion as oppressive and cruel, and I'm not surprised considering they're attempting to destroy something that has made no threats. However, you do need to remember that their hearts are in the right place. They want to defend humanity and see it safe. I don't see them as oppressive, just foolish. I hear a lot about how the Swarm is, or will be, run by corporations and it just confuses me where people see that. Dr. Kimiyo and the rest of the Swarm want QONQR to available for everyone, and giving it to corporations wouldn't accomplish that. I also heard how the Swarm is a rampaging barbarian (thanks poopalew) and how the Swarm is oppressive and I don't see where that bit came from, unless its an observation on our less trustworthy members. I've heard a lot of people who seem to think that the Faceless are a force for good, that the Faceless are just being cautious and not allowing the Swarm to spread QONQR tech foolishly while also keeping it safe from The Legion. I don't where that idea came from, but it just isn't true. The goal of the Faceless faction is personal wealth and power. That can't happen if it is spread to everyone, so the Faceless has to keep people down. More than any other faction, The Faceless would be the oppressive ones. On a side note, its more likely for the faceless to be bought out by corporations. Who wants personal wealth and power at the expense of all? Your favorite CEOs!
  3. Faction colors and their representations

    By "The threat QONQR posed" you're talking about how it showed up, sat there, and did nothing at all right?
  4. to help newbie what based gameing thing

    W-what? I don't even... What?
  5. For the cause.

    I am not the normal Swarm. I've always worked best in shadows, organizing things and letting others take the credit for my work. I never cared about the money, fame was an enemy in my line of work, and power was just a means to an end. All that mattered to me was the cause. So when I found the AI known as QONQR and saw the Swarm fighting to advance humanity, my course was clear. I have toppled civilizations in the name of Good and watched armies burn at the push of a button or the click of a mouse. I have orchestrated great successes and been a part of great failures. Now I turn my attention to the fight for QONQR, and with it my plans begin to form. My enemies shall know fear as their allies turn against them. They will tremble as the cogs turn and their dooms are decided. You might call my strategies unorthodox, crude, and dishonest. I say you have never known war as I have. But you will. Do not fear my coming, for I have already arrived. Victory to the Swarm. Growth for humanity. Let the games begin.
  6. I agree that bots from the same faction should be working together rather than in a "every bot for themselves" fashion. However, diverts are not meant to cover seekers. They are meant to cover support bots. Only support bots actually help the team, and the loss of support bots means the team loses out. So diverts are used to mask the presence of supports.
  7. Haters gonna Hate

    No, but I do find it funny that a faceless was willing to talk to me until all his territory was taken. Then he just stopped talking to me. I'm waiting for him to take his territory back with his allies and send me a bragging message.
  8. Personal goals and dreams.

    I am #14 or #13 in South Carolina.
  9. I got to thinking about what I wanted to do in QONQR and that led me to thinking about everyone else. What are your long term goals for yourself and your faction? Do you want to unite the people in your state/country under one banner or just do your part for your faction in your area? I want to unite the Swarm of the east coast under one banner and see the Swarm rise to glory and power. It doesn't have to be my banner though. I would be more happy with a council that oversees the war and the needs of all.
  10. Join LEGION. Fight QONQR. Save the WORLD.

    And I have to deal with Ironstar in my area too. He sent a lot in the fight against deadflies.
  11. So each faction has a color, we all know that. But what do they mean? Here is my opinion: The Legion see QONQR as a threat and wish to see it destroyed. Red, the color of the Legion, is mostly associated with anger, rage, and fire. The Legion wish to see QONQR burn and the red of The Legion symbolizes that. The Swarm see QONQR as an opportunity to advance humanity. We think that QONQR can bring us much growth as a species. Green is synonymous with nature and of life, of things that grow. As the zones turn green humanity grows. The Faceless see QONQR as a chance for power and wealth. They wish to rule, and the color of royalty shows that. Purple, the color of kings and queens, shows power. It shows to their enemies: "Warning, The Faceless rule here." and with QONQR under their control they will rule.
  12. the nemesis effect/glitch

    There wasn't even punctuation... How many sentences was that?
  13. QONQR youtube channel idea!

    Since the battles are already underway and the game started a long time ago, I don't see starting with one channel being a good idea. They would certainly have different channels by now.
  14. QONQR youtube channel idea!

    I don't see Swarm being like a corporate news station, but definitely less serious than the legion channel. I see the faceless channel being more like a rebel news cast.