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  1. Announcing QONQR Blue

    The mockup looks great! I'm looking forward to the new release. Let me know if you need any Android testing.
  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Heh, I guess it was destined to fall eventually. Such is life in QONQR. To those who criticize, don't pass judgement too quickly. While it was nice of Sandreeche to physically travel for the team, many, many players do not have that luxury. So no player can expect any other to spend every waking hour watching all the zones within 100mi, or respond immediately to a message, or travel to another town for hours to set up and keep defensive bots in play. If some can, awesome. If not, that doesn't make one team any more or less than another. In the end, good job Legion setting up the op and seeing it through.
  3. QONQR black

    I have one request for QONQR black: Please add an Atlantis shortcut to the zones list? With the zones named after different players and switching between multiple zones it is somewhat unsuitable for playing Atlantis. Otherwise, it works fantastic on my old slow device!
  4. QONQR black

    Woo! I looked for it last night but didn't see it. (WP7) Look forward to having it on Android too!
  5. Ok, so the zone wasn't actually called "Citizens Bank Park", but it was the closest zone. Myself and two other Swarm took down the zone as well as a couple others while we were there. Unfortunately, my QONQR shirt only arrived yesterday, so I wasn't able to wear it when this picture was taken. My friend took the pic about a month ago when we were at the game, but kept forgetting to send it to me. The Phillies won the game as well, obviously spurred on by our victory and celebrating their recent liberation from the Legion's controlling grip into Swarm's warm embrace.
  6. Winning Atlantis

    Hey Silver, Just wanted to say Thank You! You've done an amazing job with improvements on the game, Atlantis, and weapons caches, etc. Please also tell the rest of the team thank you, and especially your family. They've sacrificed a lot for you to create this game, and we really appreciate the amount of time and work you've put into it. So thank you!
  7. Almost a year ago I QONQR'd the zone at Citizens Bank Park. Watching the game tonight and had to do it again.
  8. Atlantis!

  9. exchange rate "oddities" and it's bias?

    But I love calculators. I should make a thread about calculators. It would be interesting to see how the variable exchange rate is calculated, but iI don't expect the devs to want to share that and I don't rely on it to play so I haven't done any tracking myself.
  10. The Fall of 17 Million

    Excellent write up, and great to see respect on both sides. It is easy to forget your manners in a game where no one sees your face, and I'm glad to see that despite a prolonged and I'm sure frustrating battle on both sides, that manners were not forgotten.
  11. Server Outage 1/17

    Thanks Silver for working so hard for us!
  12. Cube Rage!!

    Sorry, I was catching up on this thread and saw this and just had to quote it. This has got to be the funniest thing I've read today. 300 missiles? 6 hours? 0 cubes? You know that is 50 missiles an hour? Yeah. No. That's not possible. You can't even launch half of that in 6 hours without cubes. The math doesn't add up. Perhaps you meant to type 100 missiles?
  13. Qonqr - 2014 Plans/Goals

    I have no less than 3 (THREE!) chat apps installed that are used only for QONQR. Yeah.....
  14. Forced to Give up Phone!!!

    Android is excellent if you get the right device. Love my LG G2 and it offers me more than I ever had on WP or iOS. Granted, my previous phone was WP7 but still. I wish Nokia made an android phone though, they make awesome hardware.
  15. Milestones

    Finally hit Master Sergeant today! Woo! Also hit my first super-achievement: Monopolist (10M Qredits Harvested) To commemorate I finally badged my avatar with the Swarm and Master Sergeant badges.
  16. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    Just wanted to say that I updated my old WP device and even though I've purchased my share, I'm leaving ads on. I can't always buy cubes, but if I can support QONQR with some ads here and there while deploying at home, I will. @Scott, do you earn from click-throughs or views or completions?
  17. What's the highest you've ever let qredits accumulate? I've gotten my counter up to 1.1 million qredits before I went on a spending spree for missiles and support bots.
  18. @McPwn Before either of us ever quit this game, we need to have a chat sometime, because I think it would be so much fun to compare notes and see what sort of conclusions we have come to on so many topics in this game. @Stormfury And proud of it!
  19. True, but it's fun to know the possibility. And it is accurate. I have done the math. I've done a lot of math in this game. :-D
  20. The most bots anyone can deploy in 24 hours without cubes is 840,000.
  21. Unofficial General strategy guide

    For anyone reading this who are new Swarm players, go to our faction specific sub-forum (or ask for access from a mod if it's not showing up) and read that one.
  22. Server Update 11/7

    Who has Super Recruiter? edit: Nevermind, the person I expected to have it, has it.
  23. Prototype Maps

    As far as the bandwidth and hosting, would it be possible to simply set a script that would update a static map once a day or so? Start small and offer just an overview style map that would just be fun to look at, and then as QONQR grows you can offer more features or more often updates to the map. For live feeds we have the Command Center, so it's not like we need another map that offers a live view right now.
  24. Notifications

    It's for Windows 8, not WP8. It's a desktop/tablet app that allows map viewing and recent deployments to pop up.
  25. Server Update 11/7

    Seeing those new awards now makes me feel like I'm a terrible QONQR player. I've been playing longer than both of those guys and have hardly the counts they do.