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  1. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    That's a scent.. not a flavor.
  2. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    Wait... Soap is flavored? ._.
  3. When Gamers Cross the Line

    I do believe someone was banned for taking someone's scope and switching their account to a different faction..
  4. Why is your faction better?

    http://youtu.be/450p7goxZqg?t=1m1s Muffins scare me >_>
  5. Why is your faction better?

    ouch... I feel the love ._.
  6. Hi

    ohio? ...bless your heart
  7. Faction Survival Band

    OOH. Your hand is... the left side. I was about to say, why is your arm so lopsided... is that a red one that I see in the background? for me? you shouldn't have.
  8. Why is your faction better?

    kimyo? heh, you derpy derp. My way of figuring when I chose my original faction was that to destroy or protect were both too drastic measures to take against something we knew so little about. But now I just want to blow stuff up. Legions are good at that. And I get on peoples' nerves. hehehe
  9. Web portal - Your quest has come to an end

  10. Why is your faction better?

    @frank ...that's always your only argument. -.- @tru dang son.. How many times have you posted on this thread? @mark multiscoping = shame ...Not something I would brag about... @massune I haven't talked to you before, at least not that I can remember, but I admire your spirit.
  11. Qonqr - Space

    Sometimes I wonder.. this game isn't the most popular thing ever..but what if the same number of people that played like.. black ops or clash of clans played qonqr? I'd imagine it being too chaotic, too many people.. only qubers would survive... at least, the way I see it. Would the devs make different servers? or would this not be as big a problem as I'm thinking it would be?
  12. Why is your faction better?

    I like brussel sprouts.. grapes can bee green too. but if you're swarm, can't we just use some pesticide?

    ahahahaah.. that's hilarious..
  14. Why is your faction better?

    Trustar.. My faction will beat your faction up because we're better-er Dings.. examples?
  15. Why is your faction better?

    Silver pronounces it conquer.. And if we're talking in game.. Well um.. Pittsburgh.. Chattanooga.. I don't know of any other faction taking down 10mil+ towers... Or maybe I'm just uninformed?
  16. Android update?

    It's just.. a lot of the threads I click on tend to have you as the last comment... addressing something completely different than the topic of the tread. And it's always you. >_> Trustar, the digresser
  17. The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

    Aww. Poor Chicago legion.. Well, credit is due where credit is due so congratulations!
  18. Android update?

    Tru, what the heck... ._.
  19. So this happened

    whhaat? for the new/untrustworthy people? I was in a few before. And right after a few of my friends came to faceless. We made a big old room and taught em everything.... then went legion.
  20. What would you call it?

    assassin? heh. asscat. I'm so sleepy right now I can't stop laughing. It kinda reminds me what my chorus teacher told us about a certain dynamic marking in sheet music that I can't quite recall at the moment.. Hit it and quit it was what he said though. Also, Don't let your big S get in the way(When we over-enunciated our S's)
  21. So this happened

    Aren't you on groupme? I know faceless have noob chats where you can ask things like these. You and I should be contacts so I could spam you and add you to off topic chats!
  22. Every Hidden Medal

    oh. I knew that. *facepalm*
  23. Has Qonqr not lost its luster?

    two different points. I get what you're saying tru... but this game is kinda like life. There is no reset/start over/try again button. With games like these, change is imminent. Just another example of how you should be happy with what you've got now.. sure sync lock blows and multiscopers even more so, but it could get worse. It could get better. It could stay the same. I actually can't wait for the new changes.. good or bad, it's something different. YOLO.. Or should it be YOQO? You Only QONQR Once?
  24. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

    Trustar is going to beat me up anytime now.. I can feel it.... COMING IN THE AIIRR TONIGGHT. OH LAWWD