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  1. Additional Factions

    I clicked on this thread expecting to see talk about additional factions...... and got this instead. I love you guys. :wub: :wub:
  2. Just a question

    over 9,000
  3. Every Hidden Medal

    Bahahahaha. What are they? Or are they SUPER secret?
  4. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

  5. ERRMAGEERD. Stahp friking asking questions that you can find the answer for with the search box.. Top right...
  6. Every Hidden Medal

    Oh yeah.. i forgot about the recruitment thing.. i smell a multiscoper. But if those are all legit accounts, awesome sauce. I'll put you on my list of people to look up to.... under wingman.
  7. Legion in Midland, Texas

    ^^NO. YOU WILL BRING SHAME UNTO YOUR FAMILY. The developers DO NOT support it. If you can't do it with one of you, go home.
  8. How much have you spent on Qonqr?

    I haven't spent a penny.. Free to play here.. BOO! But if I had the money to spend, I'd finish my upgrades and buy a TON of nanos.
  9. that's the spirit! make them waste their money! Although... If you're helping the developers, it's never a waste.. SO KEEP ON QUBING GUYS!
  10. Every Hidden Medal

    Congrats!!! There'll be more upgrades and levels for you to get started on soon..
  11. Legion Covert Ops?

    oh.. we're talking about weird animals now? capybara, loris, uhh... cuttlefishes are cute.. like little aliens. You know, they can camouflage themselves in complete darkness.. AND they're colorblind. O.o
  12. Legion Covert Ops?

    omigosh! those little things... I forget what they're called but I feel like that's what I look like when I run in blackops.
  13. UK Legion.

    Wait, why is "groupme" a tag?
  14. Legion in Midland, Texas

    It's like you got a response from everyone but legion.. Just deploy, deploy, deploy. Even if you can't make a dent in anything.. at least you gave it your all... You can recruit some of your friends too.
  15. UK Legion.

    OH. OH.. I remember him. His name is kinda funny to say over and over. Heh... omega force. Don't worry.. could be worse. I know someone with 4 inoculated.. at least 6 total accounts and 2 of those 4 inoculated are elite. I said this before in another thread so I feel a little redundant but MULTISCOPING IS BAD... M'KAY?! The qonqr gods shall smite thee with thy own nanomissiles. or something like that...
  16. That Awkward Moment When...

    ...when you switch factions and re-read all the smack talk and memes you made insulting that faction.. ._.
  17. Any options besides qommnd?

    I think it has to do with the time the zones were last altered. I can still click on some random zones and see leads/captures on qommnd but only like... really ancient zones that no one ever bothers with. I think if they haven't been touched since before the API changes were applied, they still show those stats.
  18. ^^^That's great! We could customize our profiles.. and chose the backgrounds.. and write a bio.. and have some basic info.. or just be anon. Should totally be added to that new player bio feature coming out that's under the topics up for vote. They're all going to happen, just voting on which ones come first.
  19. I know a multiscoper with 2 elite accounts and 2 inoculated ._.
  20. silliness of the filter

    I think it applies more to game wire.. the first time I ever sent the word "hate" in an igm.. "You're going to **** me so much." >_>
  21. ohh. we turning this into a video thread? my mouth hurts now because I bit myself more than once when fingering my tongue while is was flipped upside-down... but yay!
  22. Any options besides qommnd?

    I can still see zone captures and leads of specific players when I search them and click on the map.
  23. Answers about C.E.L.

    All I see is you guys making new threads for the same argument and making the same points... I love drama as much as the next person but this seems a little excessive.
  24. ha ha ha. U so funny Jay. Funny and lucky you're out of my range. YOU'RE ALL LUCKY. *cough*tetra*cough* or have you done anything as swarm yet?