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  1. It was a reference to an inside joke, I knew mia would get it so I went for it.. not trying to be disrespectful if that's how you took it. but yes, scarlet is female, as far as we know........ I just remember the days when I somehow found my way into CEL OPS. I wanted to help but never could reach. and now I want to beat them up but still can't reach. And I don't think that's what she was implying..
  2. Well, I'm not in cel anymore so, BOOO! YOU DUMB PUPPET AND YOUR DUMB FACELESS OPPRESSORS! It seems like Florida is like it's own little island.. some contact with Georgia but you're all stuck with each other and it's driving you all nuts.
  4. Most Active Zone in the World 07/05/2014

    lol. one swarm. @mordance I remember talking to trustar on Feb 11(day before my birthday) and it was already the 12th where he was. t'was truly magical.
  5. So hows it goin?

    Omega force... I don't know why that's cracking me up so much. xD I'm not one to really notice if I'm being qubed or not. I never thought I was worth the money anyway. I've had maybe 50 of them total although I'm not sure where that ranks compared to the average.
  6. CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf.

    Yeah, i figured.. The date is May 7th. Hadn't even started playing until August. but i just recognized this guy's name. Someone told me he had his scope stolen? or hacked his password... something like that.
  7. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    Take your time.. We don't wanna be responsible for you rushing and making up a cruddy story.
  8. CT legion Apologizes to LonelyWolf.

    whut ._. OHH DUDE! Weren't you the guy someone told me had their scope stolen? they like.. spent all your qubes and faction switched you?
  9. Qonqr in a nutshell

    dawwww.. is that your puppy? soooo cute!
  10. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    yeah! NEED MOAR
  11. Faceless BBQ in Connecticut May 25

    I'll be there... to crash it.
  12. New Windows Phone Release 1.22

    Wooo! Still waiting for it to show up in updates.. But keep up the good work dev team!
  13. deutscher Spamthread

    I spammed the spam threadAlso, you don't know if I actually speak German or not. I do have a little German in me..
  14. Schnarff'd

    Sorry, I mean... Here it's for you *SLAP*
  15. Schnarff'd

    Ahaha. I always imagined phones in the future being like little chips in the palm of your hand that project out a hologram of a phone screen. Maybe instead of slapping the person, you'd transfer the call to their chip hologram phone thing in their palm.
  16. Schnarff'd

    I know... that's the problem. >_>
  17. Schnarff'd

    What if.... there was a way to register family members? Maybe prove somehow that there were two or three different people playing in the same household or neighborhood. Then exempt those players from the sync virus? I have no idea how that would get done... seems like this feature is against families playing.. or just people who are too close to each other. Sure there is "rent" to pay but not all of us are capable of that. Maybe I could sweet talk someone into buying me a few qubes but that doesn't do much for the other under aged or ...financially challenged.. people. I'm honestly indifferent to the feature as I have no close family members who play so I'm not constantly being sync locked like others are. I just think there's got to be a better way. This could be a step towards something good though. I just don't think we're there yet.
  18. Schnarff'd

    you're going to hate me but I can't stop thinking about tycho's tweet. "Boohoo" ahahhahhaha Still, I agree with you... Sorry for getting you and your wife sync locked. I'd've thought that that was the exact purpose of the feature (to lock honest players out) if I hadn't read the blog post on it. The feature still confuses me as I don't see much point in it. It doesn't seem to have made the game any better. I guess I'd have to see it from the developers' point of view to know for sure.
  19. deutscher Spamthread

    @slipstream lol.. I typed your comment into a translator and got this: "The Thread you loves. Perhaps discussion would have however all directly in Genderal. This forum could use a few non-English topics\n\n Forgive me if the wording are incomplete, since one while my classes"
  20. deutscher Spamthread

    Vielen Dank! Glaube nicht, dass sie gespielt haben TF2, haben sie?
  21. deutscher Spamthread

    oohh... I remember some german from medic lines in tf2!
  22. deutscher Spamthread

    Jaahdbjeoq sjsuwuwgr skaodjeekebsok jdjw k. Dwkdlks ek sns. Am I doing it right?
  23. Fun Video

    Ermagersh. It's the picture I made for Christmas! And that's really cool! What program were you using?
  24. Mai memes

    For those of you who don't know me: Pretty much all you need to know in these pictures. Thank JayVortex of Florida. All credit goes to him.
  25. Mai memes

    Wyz, I think blab is dead. It was fun for a while but it needs to be dead for a while before we can bring it back. Let everyone forget about it until maybe in the summer? Please don't tell me you still have it up? >_>