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  1. Mai memes

    I take offense to that.
  2. iOS uploading profile pic

    Faceless hax ur scope.
  3. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    #2: sending a nanomissile to your location by accident
  4. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    Or you could do a 1000 ways to die: Trustar edition Yes, I just told you to kill yourself 1000 times.
  5. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    lol. not you. It can't be a Tru story without Tru.
  6. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    I like it but... It's boring at the same time. I just want someone to die already.
  7. OK Who's got withdrawal symptoms?

    Don't get me started on withdrawal.. I haven't launched a bot or harvested since February 5th. My school had a crackdown with their phone policy... Y-Y
  8. Flippers

    I CAN CURE YOU WITH HUGS. I think you just need a cheeseburger. Or running.. All the people on my school's track team are really happy because they run all the time. That's why they all date each other.
  9. Flippers

    You seem like an angry person. Red and angry. heh..
  10. Has Qonqr lost its luster?

    I'd say that I am pretty bored with the game at this point but I know that if I do switch, Trustar will beat me up.
  11. Qonqr Mercenaries at your service....

    aallll my x's live in texas
  12. QONQR Christmas Tree

    uhh... newsflash: Christmas trees are purple. EDIT: I lied, they're red.
  13. Lore? What lore?

    all my x's live in texas also... trustar is dipoots
  14. That... is amazing. Are we turning this guy's tread to crud? I wanna help! I found a glitch guys... idk if it'll work here but it works in the chat.
  15. Offensive language

    It's fancypants! tbh, i'd rather you tell me though wire than say it about me in your legion/swarm group to the same two players you're talking about here. conquistadors eliminating faceless. ha! that's great. ;'D Even if you guys haven't accomplished anything, which you haven't, it's great that you're having fun. That's what the game is all about anyway, right?
  16. I just reached my like quota today on this thread alone.. and trustar. whadafug?
  17. Mai memes

    I dun told you, phone is in jail. D:
  18. Lore? What lore?

    I'm going to make a thread for that in the fan-fic section.. I feel like people ignore my threads sometimes though. "eww, it's A_mai."
  19. In Need Of Some In-Game Company

    I can totally add you to the BLAB WHAP group on groupme! It's my babai. Well... Mine and Jays. Just pretend I didn't say that. Its an off topic cross faction group. Plenty of socializing going on in there. The new WP update won't give links properly anymore. If you're interested you can message me with contact info and I'd be glad to add you!
  20. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    O.o idk what's going on here... But I'm just going to back out slowly.
  21. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Well, hello there then, marthos! Pleased to meet you and even more so that you seem to enjoy the game as much as I do. I started in the summer of last year also. Good luck with learning English and all. In my experience, learning a new language isn't very easy. I took three years of French in middle school and still can't speak it worth crud. Just keep on learning!
  22. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Cali.

    ^^Haha, that's great. Too bad I reached my like quota again.
  23. Lore? What lore?

    ^^^IKR! I mean, you know a lot of mine... The bad parts of mine. IT'S SO CAPTIVATING. WANT MOAR
  24. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    I just realized he might be foreign. In that case, ..uhh... Sorry?
  25. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    So many grammatical errors. I'm going to cry. :'( And Hi mr. Big!