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  1. Detroit Area Off-Topic Comments.

    Are you guys fighting? No fighting. There is now a child in the room. Verbal violence not permitted.
  2. Haters gonna Hate

  3. Haters gonna Hate

    Not really. It's just the back story leading up to the question. It'd be just weird if all he said was, "Tell me about your previous communications with temperamental players." Not that this topic isn't dead already but no one would really feel compelled to share their stories. Now I have to share a story while I'm here. Errrr... One legion this time, he and I were flipping a few zones back and forth and being the persistent little u-kno-wat I am, I informed him of my intentions of staying up all night if need be. He rage quit for the night. Guess who holds those zones? See, Chiclyde? Nothing wrong with bragging a bit as long as you have the grounds to do so. Now you give it a try. I'd love to hear a story from you.
  4. Legion - SF Bay Area California

    Legion have cooties. Lol jk. Nice to meet you crueknight! I'm Mai. I'm on the opposite side of the country, all the way in NC. I can't really ...help.. You but if you need a chatter buddy, here I am!
  5. The most beautiful thing I have ever seen in Cali.

    Poor strateg1st. Good job guys. Anything is better than a swegion!
  6. Facebook Challenge accepted

    Nice! Can't like. I'd like to like but I like to much and can't like anymore for the rest of the day.
  7. New Feature Added to Portal

    It's all players that haven't completed training(level 1-99) and the range is approximately your regular deployment range.. They also have to have deployed recently in that area so if a traveling noob drops bots in your area, it'll show up. Heh.. Traveling noob.
  8. Haters gonna Hate

    What... Is your signature? That's freaked me out ever since my first day here on the forums.
  9. New in SE Michigan - Swarm

    Well, welcome to the game! I, for one, love this game to no end. The people here are just great. I haven't met a player that I haven't grown to love also. If you'd like to meet a few players in some different factions and have groupme, you're welcome to join the BLAB WHAP group. The acronym has long since been forgotten but basically, it's a big cross faction off topic group. Everyone is really friendly. It's just a place to put aside faction differences(you may notice sometime down the road that those can get pretty tense), come together as fellow qonqrers, and goof off. feel free to message me and I'll shoot you the link. Good luck!
  10. Lore? What lore?

    Something I've realized is that almost everyone has a story. How they started, how they met others, lessons they've learned, bumps in the road, spies, betrayals, drama. It's amazing. I've listened to others' and I've run over mine over and over in my head. Maybe... This could be something? haha a big collection of player stories like an archive for future qonqrers. Qonqr history? I'm sure Pittsburgh would go in there. This has nothing to do with your post does it? ah well. Also, Happy late birthday! I saw it passed recently. Hope you had a good one!
  11. The Fall of 17 Million

    T'was truly amazing. Glad to have been a part in that.
  12. Cube Rage!!

    Dear God.
  13. Location Spoofers

    oops.. I committed a crime.
  14. If Qonqr was real...

    Would you stay in your same faction or switch? Would you take part in the war at all? What do you think the world would be like? How do you think you'd do all the things you do in game? Ex. Creating/destroying a base, harvesting, purchasing ordinance. Wouldn't it make sense if nanomissile range was based on base locations. Irl of course, not in game, although that wouldn't be a bad idea. Its not like I'd have a couple hundred nanomissiles sitting on my bedroom floor waiting to be launched. Anything else? Please share. I'm bored beyond boredom.
  15. If Qonqr was real...

    Oh. I got 10 replies. I feel so popular.
  16. ITT: 100% Real pictures of Silver

    I'M DYING.
  17. Player Obsession: Fatal Attraction?

    That's pretty awful. Sorry to hear. This game can get a bit intense. I've recently quit playing but am still hanging around the forums for a while longer. It's just been stressing me out, all the political stuff. I think what you're doing is right though. I've never gotten an abusive message from an operative before but what I would do is what I'd do irl; Smother them with kindness. It's almost impossible for them to effectively retaliate against kind words. Though, at this point, that may not work. Just keep strong and qonqr on. Don't let a jerk like that ruin the whole game for you.
  18. Revolution #4 - (In progress)

    Dang it double post. :/
  19. Untitled

    Me likey
  20. Faction colors and their representations

    Not so much a threat, but a potential threat. If some random dude showed up at your doorstep and stood there doing nothing, you wouldn't welcome him in right away or at least I hope you wouldn't. You don't know what he's up to or what he wants...
  21. New Blog Post: Big Changes: Please Read

    Well.. He helped no one. Cheating to make it fair? Hah!
  22. My Mind

    I'm batman.