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  1. Faction colors and their representations

    Just to reiterate.. Red: The color of strength, health, and vitality, Red is often the color chosen by someone outgoing, aggressive, vigorous and impulsive—or someone who would like to be! It goes with an ambitious nature but those who choose it can be abrupt at times, determined to get all they can out of life, quick to judge people and take sides. Red people are usually optimistic and can’t stand monotony; they are rather restless and not at all introspective, so they may be unaware of their own shortcomings. They find it hard to be objective and may blame others for any mishaps. Green: The color of harmony and balance, Green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace, and is usually liked by the gentle and sincere. Greens are generally frank, community-minded people, fairly sociable but preferring peace at any price. Green people can be too self-effacing, modest and patient, so they may get exploited by others. They are usually refined, civilized and reputable. Purple: Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Temperamental, expansive and artistic, a Purple person may become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority It had only occurred to me yesterday that the colors may have something to do with their assigned factions and motives so that's when I found this. Purple is my favorite color so, of course, I'm faceless.
  2. Funniest Zone Names

    I think there's a f-a-g-s manor up in Pennsylvania?? Owned by legion.
  3. Server Update 11/7

    Lol. Strateg1st going through liking every comment.
  4. Server Update 11/7

    We should have a search box for zones. Its always a pain to find a specific zone in a cluster of others. We should also be able to send chat/message requests to those who have their messaging turned off. Sometimes there's something important you need to tell an operative who you can't contact any other way than through the game wire and they have their messaging turned off. I told a random op about it and they, no lie, said, "Message them and tell them to turn their messaging on."
  5. Private First Class Plasdarn

    Eeewww... Its gmenman
  6. Launch automation cheating?

    Maybe they're rich and can afford that many refreshes?
  7. That Awkward Moment When...

    That awkward moment when your a disobedient sophomore in high school who gets her phone taken frequently and gets it back only to discover that all my zones were taken by the FACKING LEGION PLAYERS!!! Not only that but I have a social life to uphold. Why can't I just spend the rest of my life playing QONQR? Screw the fall play, varsity softball, COD and my piano recitals!
  8. Oddball Strategy

    I know that this doesn't help the game much but I prefer to stomp out little fires before they get out of control. In other words, loading up every zone with as many bots around a new player to discourage them from playing. I often think of myself and how weak I was when I first started. I had no recruiter and no friends. There weren't any other faceless players near me that I could see so I started off completely on my own. I was so pathetic that the rival faction players seemed to pay me as little attention and effort as possible, only attacking enough until my bots were removed from a zone and then leaving it undefended. I eventually got better. I put down a random person as my recruiter for the heck of it who turned out to be a big help to me. I control almost just about every zone within a 10 mi radius from where I live which isn't really much but I couldn't bear to think of something like that happening with a new player of a rival faction. Before stomping out a swarm player though, I always have to check with them for their recruiter. We too have an alliance between swarm and faceless players in at least my part of NC. If they've none, bye-bye. That's how I play. With other, more experienced enemies though, I always go one, sometimes two zones at a time. Once I've got a decent amount of defense in there, on to the next one.