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  1. Stelly of Legion-He will be missed...

    woah, why was i thinking this was recent? who's stelly? did he ever come back?
  2. Thank you, Legion

  3. It's not about the dominant faction in the area, it gives you a suggestion based on the who controls your current zone when you sign up. I was referred to faceless because the zone I was in was legion but it was only about a 5k zone with a good variety of swarm and faceless zones scattered around it. I didn't know there was a warning... But they're trying to add faction diversity by telling you, "Faceless/Legion/Swarm need your help in this area; join us"
  4. Carolina Rebellion Meet up

  5. United Nations of Qonqr

    Silver doesn't know what he's talking about. Been at the code for too long, ya know? (Don't worry jeffe! You're on my nomination list. )
  6. United Nations of Qonqr

    Those pictures are obviously photoshopped. >_> There is no such group.
  7. Sleep QONQRing

    Haha! Nice. Do you ever have dreams with players present in them, despite not knowing what they look like? That's always interesting....
  8. Anyone miss me?

    Missed you in the IP chat... Until I stopped popping in. Welcome back.
  9. Props to East Coast Legion

    Pew.. Pew pew? Pew! PEWPEWPEWPEW!!!
  10. Vulcan Death Grip

    So does dings have purple children?
  11. Calling upon to Attend a rare event

    Mourn!? Ha! Good riddance!
  12. On Boat

    Yas gurl, yaaaasssss
  13. Letter of resignation (half serious)

  14. Stoppable Force

    HOLY QSMACKEREL! I wanna play... Hey, punk. Hehehe.
  15. Things Atlantis has Taught Me

    Lol why are you comparing faction operatives from all over the world to those on the east coast of the US?
  16. Cupcakes

    What the devil..
  17. Atlantis End Time - Need Dev

    Yeah, WP version said 1 day and so-and-so hours left on the Atlantis screen when really there's less than a day. It's actually 16 hours now.. Should end at 7 today.
  18. New Features

    I hear they're all going to be applied to game.. just the votes that determine when. gotta prioritize. I suppose massive amounts of negative feedback on a specific feature may merit a veto.
  19. Baseball and qonqr? oh my... ^___^
  20. So there's been some discussion in other threads.. but I think we need an official debate thread for the topic if there isn't already. I couldn't find one so here it is. I'll start. :3 So.. obviously, I'm arguing in favor of the legion. It's freaking called QONQR. What friendly AI would call itself qonqr?! Why go by such a threatening name if your intentions are good? I liked deej's argument of legion being the liberators. Man kind has progressed just fine on it's own.. Better safe than sorry, right? Plus, who doesn't love to blow stuff up all the time? I won't admit to looking for drama by posting this. I've heard a lot of arguments but I want to hear it all.
  21. Why is your faction better?

    bah.. how do you guys get it to be a video instead of a link?!?!
  22. Wow, what a looser

    Did you know that you can edit posts.. or proofread them? LAWLIMO, some things just aren't worth a post on the forums.
  23. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    When the zone a potential new house is in affects your decision on where you move.