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  1. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    Hmm.. I didn't read the last three blog posts on Sync lock, only the first two. So I assumed you were still sync locked which would have meant you were cubing since there is no way you could do that many deployments on a single scope. I sync locked you as soon as you deployed HL to Chatsworth since I knew you don't live that close to me. My first guess was that you were out of town and gave Nick your credentials. It was fun to sync lock you, but I think they should have left it where you stayed sync locked for the fulll 24 hours, otherwise what is the point. Now it seems pretty worthless.
  2. Sync Lock Is a Failure

    Just sync locked you this morning to NickYammu. Not that it did anything since you just kept multi-scoping and cubing away on both accounts.
  3. Silver interviewed on Channel 9

    Great interview! I didn't know there was a Windows 8 app (running it now).
  4. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Looks like you have a large list of volunteers here, but if you need one more I have a couple of android phones that I would test on. Both of them are Droids.