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  1. ITT: 100% Real pictures of Silver

    Awesome job on the Santa! and the Eastwood pick is pretty hilarious too!
  2. MrBizzy

    Over roughly the last year we have had many fun battles and alliances with MI swarm and even created a group called 'Swegion' for a period of time, I always found MrBizzy to be charismatic, funny, and overall fun player and he will be missed greatly. My favorite in-game avatar that he used briefly was the 'Not now I'm Bizzy' character playing a video game. Last Wednesday in Michigan we honored MrBizzy by holding a cease fire until 7:34pm, as he used 734 as his last in game avatar. While we did our best to get the word out to the various faction leaders about cease fire and most did hold back until 7:34, however there were many that did not, so I have to agree with Rocco somewhat here...if you wish to hold your own cease fire do so with the idea that not everyone else will. I know there are others from Michigan who plan to but have yet to weigh in here...one thing that I keep hearing that I think is a really cool idea, if it's possible, is requesting some kind of permanent MrBizzy bot on the Ann Arbor, MI zone in his honor. I've also heard others mention some kind of badge that could be awarded in his name.
  3. New iPhone Release

    So far zones seem to load slower on map for me...and maybe I just need glasses, but I'm having a hard time reading the bot counts in lower left hand corner. Also not a fan of the map needing to re-center on every zone you click on.
  4. Happy Birthday Silver!!

    Happy Birthday!
  5. My account is banned?

    No... I think its just another server outage.
  6. Today's Cube Exchange Rate is ....

    Thats awesome!
  7. iOS Earning Cubes Offerwall

    Overall, I think the Offerwall is a good thing. The offerwall has made it possible to do a few upgrades/and bot refreshes that otherwise would not have been financially possible, however actually receiving the cube offered feels a bit like a game of chance where the odds are not posted. It would be nice to see this in some form become available for our friends on Windows phone.
  8. weakened misssile attacks

    Hey Scum I think the real question is what's the story with your profile pic? Looks kind of odd.
  9. Formation Balance

    Silver, I just want to add to scumgriefs post and say that I think you have gotten very close to that sweet spot on the balance for offense/defense. I really like the changes! also...I have found that deployments are as fast as I can recall them being...very responsive!
  10. Server Update 2-27-2013

    Awesome work! Seems much faster this morning and I like the missile damage increase a lot!
  11. weakened misssile attacks

    I have found that I am no longer getting good value for my 1000 qredits on missile strikes. First, having missile bots pile up in an attack offers little or no value...I am not going to hold a zone that way, I would much rather have the missile bots that remained from previous strike join in fight and do more damage. I have done a lot of testing on this since Monday's update and have found that when I attack zones with only deflectors with only one player holding it I am getting maybe 1.5:1 up to 2:1 ratio sometimes less if the player has max upgraded shields and I do have max upgrades on offensive capabilities (mx rack/damage enhancers). And as others have already mentioned if they have strengtheners/hardened lattice/absorbers that ratio goes way lower. This change has taken considerable enjoyment out of the game, what's the point of even attacking a large zone now? I say increase missile damage back to a reasonabale level, if nessasary increase the bot cost slightly to limit deployments. In a game like this I feel that those who live by the sword should be prepared to die by the sword...so to speak. ; )