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  1. I guess the major difference with this and what's going on in Florida is that this isn't actually real.
  2. In a new twist to the story line, nobody cares about the Qonqr AI anymore. Instead, it turns out, everyone got really tired of all the lamer make-believe hackers running around and decided something needed to be done. Thus, F.F.F.F.F was born.
  3. Coming soon to Chicago.
  4. Break Out of Sync Lock

    You would be really surprised at the length that some people go.
  5. Bring about balance

    I guess what I meant to say, is that it would be possible for someone to use accounts that belong to two separate factions. This would allow them to bypass the restrictions without very much trouble.
  6. Bring about balance

    Well keep it mind the fact that there are three factions, not just two. It is actually fairly easy to stack a single zone with two factions without very many issues. I'm not sure if it's a bug, but I've been using seekers to destroy offensive bots in zones held by inactive players and then filling them with deflectors etc. One thing I noticed is that I can deploy bots with 100% survivability so long as the faction in 2nd place (as measured by total bot count) has no offensive bots in the zone. Meaning if I have 1.5 million (some offensive, defensive and support) and an inactive legion player has 1.4 million bots (defensive or support only) I can stack the zone with 100% survivability even if a faceless player had 1 million seekers in the zone. Off topic I know, but I thought it was worth mentioning.
  7. Bring about balance

    Yeah I've been thinking about this myself. I thought of a similar idea to this, it was along the lines of creating a "faction bot upkeep". If the density of bots (i.e., number of bots per square mile) of a certain faction crosses an arbitrary threshold, an "upkeep" is subtracted from the credit production of the players in that faction. The problem with this approach is that it is overly complicated, and won't really be enough to balance the game. Especially when some factions out number others 10:1. I've tried to come up with solutions, but always find myself stumped when trying to address multiscoping. Any sort of faction balancing will require that multiscopers "align" all of their scopes to a single faction. Otherwise it would be easy to exploit these balancing attempts by loading up enemy factions with extra scopes. As ridiculous as that sounds, some players definitely have the resources to do that. I guess the point is that any attempts to balance the game will require a lot of work and planning. I think that it might be easier to "psychologically" balance the game. For example, if every player had at least one zone where they would be given a "home field advantage" on, I think it might make it less demoralizing when you are vastly out numbered. In the home zone, the player would be given stat bonuses to their bots that will allow them to keep that zone even when heavily out numbered.
  8. Multi-scoping faceless

    Also, for what it's worth, I'm pretty sure I meant to paste this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mongolian_barbecue
  9. Multi-scoping faceless

    Although people like to hate on it, it's usually is correct.
  10. I feel scammed

    I think there was some sort of server problems today. Try contacting support directly about it.
  11. Multi-scoping faceless

    It's not really the same here. Americans don't really eat "traditional" Chinese or Mongolian food. I'm pretty sure that its name is a misnomer. http://en.wikipedia..../Mongolian_beef
  12. Atlantis: The Evolution

    Can you make this the same for all zones? For example, if a player from Swarm attacks a zone controlled by Faceless the attack would not register on the API until a Faceless player also views the zone. Besides this idea, what about having the API be hackable by players. Send fake zone attacks/captures to the API, that must then be manually checked by players in game. Would be nice to have the power to interfere with other players ability to monitor the "battlefield".
  13. Atlantis: The Evolution

    Wow, this actually sounds pretty cool.