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  1. Are you kidding me?

    I don't like to see this sort of thing at all, from any faction. It's simply classless. "I can't play fair, so I'll cheat and you can't stop me from doing it." Pitiful and absurd. The Legion I know and participate with is better than this. Hopefully he learns to do right, or gets the ban hammer right in the temple. Tiomum is right. This isn't even good or entertaining game trash talk....its simply trash.
  2. 1 minute captures?

    Nory is NOT legion, never has been. Let him get assistance from his faction. He is a hostile against the legion and even attempts to switch legion to faceless.
  3. New Faction Switching Rules

    Currently if you change factions you take -20 hit on your rank/award points. There is no way to recover this in the game. People aren't sure what they want, or get convinced to switch or just jump around early on to see what's what and they're stuck with a penalty for it. What if there was a way to help remove that negative over time. In other words restore/build your reputation within a faction? Not just a timed removal but way to vote for a player so that each vote removed one of the negative points. Each person would be limited to just 2 votes for any given player to avoid spamming up votes. This also means it would take AT LEAST 10 players from that faction to provide a vote of confidence for someone who switched but, as much as 20 or more (if everyone only used one vote/dealing with a multi-switcher). The more you switch, the more of a hole you have to dig out of but, the point is, it can be done. This would build community and communication in factions as well as give additional reason to stay with a faction instead of just switching around and/or creating new profiles. So lets say you never switched?! You've been with the same faction from day one? the rep votes would help to show that you're reliable/active/supportive in the game. Maybe not in the forums so much ( I don't post here frequently but play the game daily.... who am I kidding, hourly... ok ok....minutely 'not a word but you know what I mean!!!) And perhaps this could be used to help achieve that currently unachievable rank of sergeant major. You played, qonqr'd, harvested, captured, deployed all you could...now your faction peers can help you, help one another, achieve something more together. Also, if you're a switcher, once you've cleared the negative, you can also have your votes count towards the goal. And once the negative is cleared, after a timed wait (or something) you can get one additional vote for that person to help their rank. It's not a completely iron clad idea but, more of a draft that, I admit, could use some tuning and development but, it's a start towards a positive of rewarding faction loyalty instead of just negatively impacting those that switch.
  4. Weakness at the Top

    I'm lazy... so Zones captured, is that what is currently held? Or just captured at some point? I'm not following these stats, lol..... I like blowing stuff up though.