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  1. Butterball has turned legion...

    ...What? Am I that stupid, or did this conversation about butterball turn into a Hermann Goering egg sandwich when I wasn't looking?
  2. Qonqr - Space

    I wondered that too at times... But with the community feeling so small, its been turning me off on playing lately. Needs more chaos in my opinion
  3. It's all good

    Really? You should put some of that skill/luck in my area...
  4. The Legion have been evicted from Chicago!

    Accountant? You must have used a lot of cubes if you had to refer to your accountant
  5. So this happened

    Noob chats? I'll pretend I didn't hear that mai
  6. Just a question

    About 20 per second when cool and can drop to 1 when at max overheat level
  7. XP confusion

    Give it a week or two, and you could care less when you hit LV 100
  8. or, they weren't multiscopers to begin with...
  9. Every Hidden Medal

    Nice work!!!
  10. UK Legion.

    Legion, as it stands right now, is already screwed in the long run. I'm actually glad to hear there's a bastion for a 3rd faction in this two faction war
  11. Legion in Midland, Texas

    Thy shall convert to the light soon heathen!!!
  12. Ssh... They say silence is golden Leigh
  13. 10freecubes

    Scam programs are the easiest way for us faceless hackers to get straight into your scope...
  14. maybe alongside with the"elite" title, we can pin an award we achieved onto our profile as well. For example, I could pin the"Qonqrer" award on my profile in place of the "elite" one.
  15. The title should realistically be named "Donor" or "Founder" and leave the "elite" title for those with the bot kills/zone caps to back it