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  1. There Comes A Point When

    You should ask Unhuman. He is the keeper of The Fist
  2. There Comes A Point When

    That's because I wouldn't give you "The Fist"
  3. There Comes A Point When

    I am the bad guy. I am hated by all three factions. Cuz I'm a dirty merc that flip-flops depending on what faction will give me the best kills. But honestly, I embrace it. Someone has to be the bad guy!
  4. Pros/cons of being a merc

    And you can **** of Booduh in the process
  5. Rogue players

    Jokes on you, i'm in lowerleft cornfield, illinois
  6. Who/what is the Government?

    Thanks Un. No one gives me credit anymore for what I believe was called the switch that shook Illinois. I love playing my way and it caused many people to hate me. Im okay with it and now that it is on the forum, the whole Qonqr world can see how this truly went down
  7. Rogue players

    You don't control me!!!!
  8. Cupcakes

    Nailed it!
  9. Who/what is the Government?

    The Government=killing gameplay on Illinois Also faceless only control 84.6% of Illinois currently. It is a researchable stat, so rebel do the work and look it up I went rogue to create competition in downstate Illinois and Good Medic nevers cries over me! I am convinced she is not a woman but maybe a robot. She never sleeps and keeps me on my toes to have to clear zones
  10. Rogue players

    The faceless have evolved from mere hackers to hackers of our minds. Nothing left to do but to quit in Illinois I guess. They know our every move
  11. Rogue players

    Medic156, are you implying that you are going rogue....GASP!!!!! What will the rest of the Illinois faceless think. As long as you are still faceless, there will still be towers to burn. Not to mention towers of other local faceless built with 1 million seekers!!
  12. Rogue players

    Well I am pretty irrelevant in real life, so I am pretty used to that. @Medic156, you are welcome! Towers will slowly fall though because I am persistent like a STD
  13. Sore Losing?

    ......SMH. All I can do is laugh at the "intelligence" of dings. When he makes his own faction so mad at him, it will be very easy for the Rogues to come in and burn his bases to the ground.
  14. Rogue players

    I am proud to be a flip-flopping headache to my local competition. To all the Rogues out there: keep the scopes up and give them H. E. L. L!!!!
  15. GPF - if you don't know, now you know.

    We don't control all the zones? We must get started immediately! To the GPF-mobile!!