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  1. stacking order ?

    Welcome to Aussie qonqr.
  2. Qredits

    If you like to play the underdog you have chosed the wrong faction - Faceless have the most players with the largest world % holding. Current stats are Faceless 11.5% Swarm 9.1% Legion 8.5%. I have been playing for around 18 months and faceless have always been a few % points in front of the other 2 factions. PS I also chose enlightened for Ingress but after QONQR - hence the link with green!
  3. Level 100 What now?

    Chase me down Mad - that top spot on the Australian leaderboard use the belong to Faceless! Also enjoy Atlantis. Great for kills when you have no locals. The next big target I think is to get on the Australian leaderboard, and then work at getting your harvest to 100% but most of all....... have fun
  4. I've changed factions

    Welcome. Glad to have you aboard.
  5. Join the dots

    Probably true earit but it still takes time to scope up a grunt. And I know I should have resisted but Dings "Unstoppable Force" is still ringing in my ears and will provide plenty of motivation for the coming months - so thanks for giving me a "dressing room article to stick on the wall" and motivate me Dings (not that I ever needed much motivation to wipe faceless bots - they have always been a very worthly opponent in Australia).
  6. Join the dots

    I wonder.... 1. Faceless lot less active in Atlantis this time (claiming boycott). 2. Last week Devs advise emulators shut down (great work devs a massive blight on the game) join the dots - faceless running mass emulators to have the numbers (suits the hacking style I suppose) and now have to deal with just 1 scope like the rest of us (or are madly buying other devices etc to recreate accounts). Only Devs know just how many emulator accounts they shut down but would be an interesting stat. Interesting also that facelss have soooo few grunts this time around - yes they will actual have to recruit like the rest of us rather than create grunts.
  7. Short and simple

    So how many scopes are you playing re "I am" Illinois........
  8. Sore Losing?

    What is interesting is that we are working at opposite ends of the same problem - Swarm will always target Faceless whilst I have a "limited" say - they are the largest faction, with the biggest world zone holding with the biggest spend. Atlantis last time worked - you guys spent crazy $$'s for no reward - maybe some players are not used to be able to spend their way out of problems. I have no issues with faceless turning to local issues rather than Atlantis - many swarmers/legion did the same thing last time as well - I am lucky that Atlantis is my killing field so I can play unrestricted,the missiles faceless sent my way during atlantis make no difference - these can be fired anytime - I just see them as easy kills and merry continue rebuilding post atlantis. If you have local battle deal with them - if not then Atlantis is for you. But dont pretend to boycott Atlantis when you are just facing the reality that you cannot spend your way out of Atlantis.
  9. Oct 1 Server Outage

    Silver a no win situation - appreciate you doing everything you can
  10. Afternoon, Boys and Girls

    Greeting from downunder Hex - I hope to travel to the UK soon and will look forward to crossing swords (bots) with you.
  11. Anyone else having problems logging in?

    Yes - my iPhone is saying date/time invalid.
  12. Stoppable Force

    So Dings when are you coming down under - I have a zone with over 113m bots in it with your name on it. So how many cubes would that take - that might even stretch your wallet - but probably not. Looking forward to faceless helping out the devs again next Atlantis. Love your work.
  13. Qonqr Black

    waiting for the iphone version - the data is killing me especially with moving around zones.
  14. Stoppable Force

    No message came up so I assume that is good news - we had some very active zones and every deploy went into play with fairly minimal delay. So a job well done from me!
  15. Happy Birthday QONQR

    Congrats on a job very well done over the last 4 years.