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    roosterman got a reaction from earit in Worlds largest zone - Wagga Wagga Australia   
    That is my daughter you are talking about.......unless you are talking about my wife - in which case I agree!
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    roosterman reacted to Silver in Blue Server changes FAQ   
    The following are frequently asked questions about the new server update (so far)
    It still says Training Complete on my iPhone.
    - Download the update from iTunes
    It still says Training Complete on my Android.
    - Sorry, Android will not be updated again until the QONQR Blue beta is released
    My XP per launch keeps going down
    - This is XP throttling and is intended to limit the ability for people to leve1 from 1 to 100 in a single day through heavy cubing. The XP throttle was introduced with the original version of QONQR in 2012,and the throttle formula is the same for levels above 100. The throttle resets at midnight UTC every day.
    How do I buy the Bot Regeneration Accelerator?
    - Currently the Bot Regen Accelerator can only be purchased through http://portal.qonqr.com. Go to the Depot and review your scope upgrades. The new QONQR Blue clients will allow for this purchase to be made in the app using your mobile billing.
    I don’t have a PayPal account
    - For users interested in purchasing the Regen upgrade, but who do not have a PayPal account, PayPal does give you the option to checkout using your billing information without creating an account.
    PayPal is not allowed in my country, or I don’t have a credit or debit card
    - Please contact support@QONQR.com for alternate options
    Is Bot Regen Accelerator counted as part of the 100% scope upgrades?
    - Yes, but there is a bug that does not increase scope upgrade percent when you purchase this upgrade, that will be fixed in the coming days.
    For all other questions, please read the 7 blog posts prior to 7/29/2015 for information on what was included in the update today.
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    roosterman reacted to leigh in Ypres peace   
    For all the ops who haven't played Qonqr for a full year. Check your time zone for the correct time to stop launching.
    QST (Qonqr Standard Time) happens to be the same as the UK so its fairly easy for us here. The award is based on QST not your home time zone.
    Merry Christmas Qonqrers of all factions.
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    roosterman reacted to Kumgern in Greetings Everyone!!!   
    Hello there, how are you all?
    I'm not new to qonqr game but still freshman in the community forums.
    I hope to know people soon.
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    roosterman got a reaction from Kumgern in Worlds largest zone - Wagga Wagga Australia   
    Attached is the core of the crew that through perservance of constant launches has built what we believe to be the worlds largest base at the time of posting, currently sitting at just over 50.7M bots. Pictures in LizzieB, Hayellow, Top_Hat, l0za, Sethowar and roosterman.
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    roosterman got a reaction from Kumgern in Happy Birthday QONQR   
    Congrats on a job very well done over the last 4 years.
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    roosterman got a reaction from Kumgern in Break Out of Sync Lock   
    Thanks Silver - I really like this feature to allow families to play more. It has been frustrating planning an attack so ensuring you are firing apart - then you are together and eventually get sync locked - knowing that they will remain in place for 24 hours, even though you may have 8 apart firing during this window and would now be well below 50%.
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    roosterman got a reaction from xX_MIZZLE_Xx in stacking order ?   
    Welcome to Aussie qonqr.
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    roosterman reacted to repsaj in Level 100 What now?   
    Keep spending 50% of your daily earnings on scope upgrades and the other 50% on nano missles. Start with upgrading things you need to make your nano missles more succesvol (damage enchanger, MX Rack). And dont forget bot launcher and bot tank. then go find much seekers in enemy zones. More than 5k seekers specially. And go hit them.
    When you dont have nano's anymore stack your bases to 1m (trust me good idea ).
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    roosterman got a reaction from JPT in Divert Changing Slightly   
    Does your reply above says that the upgrade in diverts apply to all bots already in play - I thought upgrades only applied to bots launched after upgrades. That is if I have diverts in play that I put in place with only a DG2 upgrade but then subsequent upgrade to DG4 - do these diverts now cover 5 bots.
    I assume that any existing diverts in play will they come under the new rules (ie diverts deployed after DG4 upgrade will cover 5 bots)
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    roosterman got a reaction from MaDastheHaTTeR in Level 100 What now?   
    Chase me down Mad - that top spot on the Australian leaderboard use the belong to Faceless!
    Also enjoy Atlantis. Great for kills when you have no locals. The next big target I think is to get on the Australian leaderboard, and then work at getting your harvest to 100% but most of all....... have fun
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    roosterman got a reaction from MaDastheHaTTeR in Level 100 What now?   
    Chase me down Mad - that top spot on the Australian leaderboard use the belong to Faceless!
    Also enjoy Atlantis. Great for kills when you have no locals. The next big target I think is to get on the Australian leaderboard, and then work at getting your harvest to 100% but most of all....... have fun
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    roosterman reacted to Gadgerson in Announcing QONQR Blue   

    Read about it on our blog at http://blog.qonqr.co...cing-qonqr-blue
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    roosterman reacted to Silver in Recent QONQR Slow-downs   
    We always try to be open with our players about issues that come up. In that spirit, I'd like to discuss the past 6 weeks of server troubles we have encountered.
    On Oct 1 we experienced 3 hours of downtime as a result of a billing error by Microsoft (our cloud hosting provider). They miscalculated our billing by $25,000 (a system glitch) which exceeded the "emergency stop" limit I had set. As a result our servers were removed to halt billing. The emergency rebuild we did in the middle of the night, subsequently resulted in a configuration issue that broke Atlantis for several hours.
    Solution: We have removed all billing spending limits. Microsoft recognized the issue was their fault and has assigned a dedicated cloud architect to work with us going forward on any concerns and assistance we need. This is a huge benefit we now have.
    Over the past month, one of our servers appears to be randomly spiking to 99% CPU (normally 25%) and stays there. I believe we have now seen this 5-6 times (including today 11-13) This results in most of the requests which hit this server to timeout. Users see some of the game work and some not work, depending on which server they hit.
    Solution: We have been unable to determine root cause on this issue yet, and have been rebooting the server when the issue occurs. We will be decommissioning this server soon and creating a new server. We will start a major initiative to add instrumentation to all our code so we can either pinpoint the code that is getting stuck, or verify definitively that the server is not stuck in our code. Unfortunately this is a major effort that will be undertaken as part of a larger development task and may take many weeks to complete.
    Last night (Nov 12) the site began responding slowly with most people experience failed connections to the server. We finally pinpointed the issue to an exceptionally high lag in one of our storage services. Azure storage usually takes only 10-50 milliseconds to perform an insert and we were seeing delays as long as 30 seconds.
    This problem fixed itself just as we were about to abandon our existing storage account and create a new one. A friend noticed our problem on Twitter, had the same issue and sent us the fix of moving to a new account. Microsoft support confirmed this was a cloud issue and escalated the incident, however the problem self-corrected before anyone could take action. Azure has built-in detection and "self-healing" properties and most likely it automatically moved our bad storage to a new server.
    Choosing to invest your time and money in a game isn’t just about fun, but having confidence that the game is reliable. As frustrating as it is for you, we are more frustrated. Please know that we are working hard to build more early detection systems into the game, instrumenting as much as possible to pin point problems early, and pushing on Microsoft when issues occur. Microsoft has been a fantastic partner for us and has been amazingly supportive and responsive to the recent issues. The past month has been very unusual and I’m confident issues like this will decline. We sincerely apologize for the challenges this presents to our games and are committed to making improvements.
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    roosterman got a reaction from Flaap in Sustained Excessive Qubing   
    Lluff - I dont agree that we have the balance correct - at the moment you can cube with any diminishing returns - this does not stack up to normal battle practice - the longer you go harder you should start to see a reduction in performance - you cannot sprint a marathon. At the moment you have some free to play players who will slowly stack 500k bots over 2 days - then someone can cube for 1 hour and easily destroy. When someone can deploy in 2 hours what a free player can do in a week - balance is not right. Cubing has its place - just needs to become less effective the longer you do it - you can keep going if you want but it gets more "expensive" to "maintain the rage"
    Based on average hour deploys of 14 per hour - a cuber can do many multiplies of this (depending on what you are using and how quick your finger are) - that is a lot of free players you can overwhelm and a lot more than the 3-10 quoted by silver at the start of this thread.
    The battle for the Roosterman zone has got a lot more interesting since it was initially cubed away - both factions dumping against each other - strategy on what type and when - who can deploy the most, with limited cubing to get a small foothold. The key it really what we consider "reasonable" cubing - and that is a different level for individuals.
    Its getting the balance right - why bother stacking for 2-3 days when you know 1 player can cube it away very short period of time. You hope the cuber eventual decides to move on and stop spending $$s - but you lose a lot of players who can't be bothered as they feel they are not making any progress in the game.
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    roosterman reacted to Trustar in Qonqr addiction   
    dude you realise you control your own actions right? if you hate the way you are acting then take some ownership and change.
    people give up smoking everyday, people stop eating junk foods, people start going to the gym.
    i'm sure silver won't thank me but i'm sure even he would rather have happy players who spend a bit than players who spend tons but hate the entire concept.
    take responsibilty and keep that wallet in your pocket before you end up in financial ruin.
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    roosterman reacted to SevenLeafSage42 in Oop...where'd they go?   
    One of the top US players switched to the light side. (As the storyline goes) He decided to protect QONQR rather than exploit it.
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    roosterman got a reaction from earit in Worlds largest zone - Wagga Wagga Australia   
    That is my daughter you are talking about.......unless you are talking about my wife - in which case I agree!
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    roosterman reacted to Desideratus in Milestones   
    Just earned the Super Recruiter award for 25 recruits -- special thanks to the many players from all factions who listed me as their recruiter!
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    roosterman got a reaction from Desideratus in Milestones   
    Great Effort Desideratus under 8 months is very impressive - I took just over 12 months (10m harvest was what go me over the line). Not enough enemy to kill local to get 10000 zone captures or 50M kills.
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    roosterman reacted to tria in Sleep QONQRing   
    So I deleted one of my bases while I was asleep.

    I've been having really intense, crazy dreams recently, and in the middle of trying to herd baby dragons into my kitchen (??) dream!me fished my phone out of my pocket, saw one of my perfectly good causing-zero-trouble-to-me bases, and dream!me decided it was a stinky town so I should delete it.
    I woke up... and I'd apparently pulled my phone off my nightstand in the middle of the night and actually deleted that base. And also I'd deployed in a zone I don't remember even planning to deploy in. But I'd not harvested my other bases, noooo, that would have been helpful, subconscious asleep me.
    I think I'm just fortunate I didn't sleep message anyone?!?
    (On a side-note: how many times do I need to end up on the Mobile Operatives page because I've gotten impatient at the start screen and tapped exactly on "Tap to start".... too many times?)
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    roosterman reacted to JayVortex in For goodness sakes, people...   
    So I don't hop on to the forum much anymore, aside from real life busyness and whatnot, I have my QONQR friends on Groupme, but I did tonight for some reason.
    Holy cheeseballs.
    It's even worse than I remember. The arguments. The baiting. The flaming. The ickyness.
    I'm fortunate to have met a ton of people through QONQR, many of whom I consider good friends and a few whom I've met and have become good "real-life" friends. Many have been Faceless, as that is my faction. Many others are Swarm, and even Legion (to any who don't know, I'm pretty Swarm-friendly, at least locally. Legion...well I like to kill red bots). Anyways...I guess I just want to say, regardless of faction, do you guys realize after a point how petty this all is? I get not getting along with particular personalities, I don't get along with everyone. But for goodness sakes, "They're on a different faction, I have to despise them at a personal level"...STOP. I guarantee all the keyboard jockeys wouldn't act this way face-to-face with your WORST Qonqr enemies. Heck, for any who remember my "beef" with Tetra, no matter how it continues, I met the guy IRL, it went fine. We talked like civilized human beings.
    Here's a simple rule in life. Don't be an ***. If someone else is an *** to you, try being nice. You may actually diffuse their ***-ness.
    This thread isn't about any sort of action in the game. In the end none of that matters. See the big bold italicized line. Atlantis, mercs, cubes, whatever. It doesn't matter. You want to play the game with different goals than me, fine. That doesn't make me soft, it doesn't mean I won't fight you in-game. Unlike quite a few, it seems, I keep a distinction between my playing goals, and my social goals. I can have a civilized conversation with a red or green while we duke it out over a zone. Try it someday. It's way more fun than being butthurt.
    If any of my Faceless faction mates have a problem with me being social with other factions, let me address it now. I'm in CEL. I'm in GPF. Yes, that's right, both. I can also say with nearly full certainty that I've been Faceless longer than you have. Feel free to check that out, if you like. I always have been. I'm in CEL, but in the last Atlantis won by Faceless, 99% of my action was fighting Swarm. It was necessary. I'm in GPF, but I have no defections. I'm willing to talk and socialize with anyone who's not a giant Richard. In game, I am Faceless. Always have been. Always will be. Outside of that wonderfull app we all play, I am a human being. We all are. So ffs, everyone take a giant chill pill and act like it.
    If you can't understand socializing with in-game enemies about non-game subjects, then I'm terribly sorry about how you lost all your friends after that one time playing Mario Kart or Battlefield competitively, and I feel for you about your disownment when you played ping-pong against your parents.
    (commence angry replies and all that in 3...2...1...)
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    roosterman reacted to Gadgerson in Most Active Zone List   
    We have gotten this report from several people in support. Silver is aware of the bug and will attempt to fix it ASAP. Thanks to you all for your patience and for the reports.
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    roosterman reacted to Kirra in Qonqr and Yoga!   
    haha yea, that is the newest activity i've done while playing qonqr.
    Qonqr just makes everything better, 'nuff said.
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    roosterman reacted to willie in Dear Devs   
    I'm pretty sure jailbreaking a phone is illegal.