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  1. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    I want in too.
  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Pew,pew,pew, reloading... Pew pew!
  3. Dear Devs

    As a 2+ years qonqrer I fully back the devs on this one.
  4. On Boat

    By legit you mean full of it right?
  5. Highest Rank Points List

    lol love the whatever floats your boat part. btw I got 111
  6. The Fall of 17 Million

    No doubt this was the most exhausting battle. I wouldn't sleep more than four hours per day taking catnaps every now and then. I had tons of credits from the 9K exchange so I didn't get to use the 7k nor the 6k exchange and still would start ever day with 999 nukes in inventory deploying anytime possible with 5-30 minutes between deployment. I'm pretty sure every faceless who deployed during the fight remembers my tuxedo cat avatar which I later changed to the rammstein's feuer frei cover album. Also thanks to all my fellow Legionnaires who shared their cat pics during the battle,it was really amazing. Meeting new Legion members from the locals to the surrounding states was also a very exciting experience. Groupme has definitely changed the way I see and play this game. Thanks Gmenman for bringing me into the Groupme community.
  7. 100 Million Bots Destroyed

    I'm so disappointed..... and bored
  8. Christmas Martyr

    are we coming out of the trenches to play football(soccer) like the tommies and jerries did?
  9. 3k exchange rate

    There are so many of us waiting for a good exchange that once it comes we'll crash the system obamacare style
  10. To all new players.

    so...that's how she got it
  11. Attention multiscopers

    I know where there's a bunch of 'em....swarm in NYC.
  12. Post your total kills

    16.9M playing since march 2012......on hiatus from june to december.
  13. FaceLEGION?

    Thumbs up!