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  1. Questions on Defense Formations

    ? Why you post just a period?
  2. Questions on Defense Formations

    "Absorbers can only receive up to a 50% boost in shields, projected by the first 20,000 Strengthener bots in the zone." Quote from the QONQR Official Strategy Guide. So do HL add any defense at all to absorbers or are they capped at 50% boost?
  3. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    It's not a bug in Colorado we had a legion zone called marnett it stacked 12 million high bots faceless and swarm wanting the zone cleared the attack bots of the inactive legion player. We were able to stack with 100% survivability due to the legion player leading the zone with no attack bots. Even in the battle when we got lead and faceless was third we could stack with 100% survival rate. It's a weird mechanic I'd like to see what the reasoning behind it is.
  4. September Atlantis

    My god it was 19-0-0 wow that is a feat! Thanks for helping me prove my point! Also if you have only seen one faction walk away that means the 19-0-0 victory trumped two factions! Dam swarm is a monster
  5. September Atlantis

    Only one faction has ever one 16-0-0 to my knowledge. And I don't remember it being all purple... Congrats to legion I for sure thought them smelly purps had it, thanks for taking it from them. As for the confidence of swarm, re-read the first sentence.
  6. Questions on Defense Formations

    Hello I have a few questions on how certain defensive formations work and how they work together. First let me set up a scenario. Enemy base has the following bots: 250k Deflection, 75k Zone Assault, 25k Hardened Lattice, 40k Amps, 40k Galvs. This is a base I plan to attack. I have read the changes in defensive formations made in 2013 like this post http://community.qonqr.com/index.php?/topic/1192-qa-on-2-18-2013-formation-updates/. And I am an experienced player. This is how I attack (I understand how unlikely the scenario is but please focus on the numbers). Also, call this "beach head 1" 1) I put in 40k amps and 40k galvs. 2) I put in 25k Hardened lattice (I know I will have to deploy 20 times because of survivability) 3) I put in 16k absorbers (10 deployments of absorbers including losses due to survivability) This is my "beach head 1" now here come the questions: I read that absorbers can only benefit from 20k galvs because they are capped at 50% increased shield. Does this mean that the extra 20k galvs and 25k Hardened lattice do not apply to the 16k absorbers? Also when does Harden Lattice throw on the extra 100% defense? Is it proportional to the amount of Hardened Lattice in the zone? Say I only put the following bots into the zone, ("beach head 2") 10k Hardened lattice and 16k absorbers, would those absorbers be capped at 50%? Meaning if the enemy (100% upgrades) was to attack the two different "beach heads" would the kills remain the same if the enemy used the same attack formation in each scenario. I will have many follow up questions, so if you decide to respond please check back for another question.
  7. A stalemate, cannot gain ground any ideas?

    Only bad thing about merch is I would lose 26 million bots
  8. Hello, I'm a denver swarm member and I am having trouble gaining territory on my legion neighbors. I have tried organized attacks with our family of colorado swarm and I have tried relentless attacks for days by myself (due to the faceless to the north that I cannot reach we lose a very powerful active member because he must defend constantly) I'm facing off against 3-4 very active legion members who do not seem to mind spending Qredits and cubes to destory my efforts. All their bases are the exact same. They each split up the support bots and each tend to have 25k hardened lattice. All covers by diverter bots. A 1:1 ratio of ZA and deflection with a nice cover of 5k-10k absorbers. They tend to each have the same amount of bots in one zone as eachother. Ussually 200k-400k they are very active but only in defending it seems as they have never attacked. They are easily sync lockable, but are always inoculated. They figure out they are being attacked in 20-120 min unless it's after 12 am. Has anyone been in a similar situation? What do you sudjest I do to try and take a base? It seems even if I attack for days my efforts are swatted aside like a bug and the zone actually grows to crush my will to keep attacking. Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? What did you do?
  9. What's in a name?

    When I was in middle school I was wanting to change my xbox live name and one of my friends had steez in their name and for some reason I wanted to have the word saint so I made my self Saint of Steez
  10. atlantis

    Silver I know you do a lot but can we add some statistics to the Atlantis battle? Also will we be able to see the top 100 because I would like to see where I and others ranked and how we affected the outcome of the battle!
  11. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Thank you silver for posting this new addition I think it will improve the game and make a simple solution to a big problem with a game such as this. I am looking forward to see whether or not my suspicions are true.
  12. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Like Bohdi I am a very active Colorado Swarm and I think many of you just can't empathize with what we are facing. We have a select group of about 10 active players and we are losing battles to 2-3 players. I mean I understand the in app purchases but what I don't understand is why someone would spend so much on a figurative base in a game. Saying that I have cubed before but ussually I just exchange for Qredits. Could you give us a rough dollar amount of what some of these people are spending so we can get a sense of how much "cubing" they do. I know you cannot give an exact value but can you say around what dollar amount because we would really like to know. Or just how many missles they have bought or how many refreshers? I think the frustration here is just how massive some of this feels. Something that could make us feel better about the reality that these guys aren't cheating they just have spent a lot of money on this game. Because right now, untill convinced otherwise, I believe these people are cheating.
  13. "death star" zones

    Eno in Colorado is at 16 million. Not as brag able as 94 mil but still pretty cool

    This is an awesome addition thank you so much!