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  1. New Faction Switching Rules

    Definitely a hard aspect of the game to tackle. F3n really did make some clear and valid points. I personally have not experienced anyone switching constantly (thankfully) but after that concise explanation, I can clearly see the frustration regarding those who like to flip flop just to cause mayhem. Should the cap so high, probably not. What is a reasonable cap though? I mean if a person is just launching they can reach the cap too quickly and still not understand the true dynamics of choosing a faction. It's been a while since I first started playing but after recruiting friends and family (if I remember correctly) you have to choose a faction based on the story. Maybe that would be a good place to start? They can get a glimpse of the area before deciding. I've found a few recruits that chose a side and regret it immediately, thus forcing them to switch and taking on the negative repercussions. I agree with f3n that just because you don't understand the game you shouldn't be given a free pass to flip flop all over the place for such a long period of time. I was thinking maybe giving the new player a chance at predetermined levels the option to change for free, then penalizing again. Maybe 15,30,45. By then I think it should be clear to most how your faction affects your gameplay. Keeps it relatively low and three chances to decide once and for all. Also that would be another interesting reward for staying with a faction, another incentive to stick it out as an underdog. Also might extend gameplay as quite a few have quit since they felt the game grew stale (I couldn't believe they said that). Happy to see the devs and staff are always looking for ways to improve the game and thus becoming a better and more intriguing game. And waiting a reasonable time to allow full access to any factions forum is a great move. You guys are really on the ball. Thanks for listening and all your hardwork devs and staff! (:
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Lol that song is quite hilarious!! I'm so excited that the beta resting is finally here, ive been dying to get it on my phone since its very difficult for me to play throughout the day. ): especially when you have to play catch up first.
  3. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    HTC inspire At&t Tampa, Fl Android Version 2.3.5 The ability to root available to me. I will take either wave as well.
  4. Android Beta in April (maybe)

    Can't wait for this...I've been playing catch up a lot due to iPad only having wifi capabilities ): but soon it will be here (:
  5. QONQR, here to...arm us?

    Very true, to understand most anything you should always start from the beginning. Kudos to you DanielMercury, truly a scientific method. This not being possible (knowing the original programming), we can only assume things and apply them so that we can see how logical it really is. Hopefully QONQR truly did come to arm us from the future, a future that would bring our destruction. Also, if QONQR did in fact come to arm us, giving us this advanced technology so early on would in fact help us to better understand how to combat any future enemy.Assuming that time is not a "strict progression of cause to effect" but rather a "nonlinear non subjective"...."big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-whimey stuff" which seems to be more and more an acceptable possibility. Also, thinking that the third faction is a better way to keep an eye on QONQR's true enemy [those who would pose the greatest threat especially due to their ambiguity - no face (; ] would be a truly smart and tactical advantageous thing to do on its behalf- btw thanks for the compliment monk (: Having us disperse nanobots everywhere on its behalf so as to not appear like an invasion! Truly a stroke of genius......IF QONQR can reprogram them at any given moment. Then and only then would it seem like it is here to enslave us rather than to aid us. Trinkets and toys this advanced can always lend us a helping hand into how more advanced weapons are brought about. This being said, I agree with DavidMercury, the potential of us figuring out how to convert these "tinker toys" into a source of knowledge to defend ourselves in the future is too great a risk. The thought of us improving it is a bit scary, should it ever believe it is advanced enough to take care of itself. Self preservation would probably be embedded into its make up, until improved to the point that it can create things itself? Truly remarkable, yet horrifying to imagine. In the end, the debate of making us its puppets or hoping we can better utilize and understand its technology for a better future is still to be discovered........we can only hope it's not too late when its true purpose is revealed. O! Didn't mean to offend anyone, just putting my 2 cents out there (:
  6. 10,000 Zone Captures!!

  7. Is QONQR as powerful as we think it is?

    I saw this news and immediately thought of this thread......qonqr is more powerful than we anticipated.....originally it was a nanobot, now qonqr was smart enough to tweak the name a bit. "It was made for us. We will take it." "Biological Computer: Stanford Researchers Discover Genetic Transistors That Turn Cells Into Computers" http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/29/biological-computer_n_2981753.html
  8. iOS Earning Cubes Offerwall

    I have truly enjoyed being able to obtain "free" cubes. Whenever I do have issues with the offerwall, I simply contact them and they make things right. Unfortunately it's more often than I care for, but they do correct it fairly quickly.
  9. New Faceless in Sacramento, CA

    Hello Reminator and Juuicetin! Welcome to the game, hope you guys are still fighting off that swarm and contacted your allies int the area (:. Let me know if there is anything I can do! (Although I realize the distance would be a great disadvantage ): sorry)
  10. "Pending" free cubes on iOS

    Yes very true. They are very helpful and usually request something from your device....don't remember what though [ ): sorry] but it is included in the first email they send back. Do give them 2 business days or so. (Think they mention that as well....sorry haven't contacted them in a while.) Hope everyone gets the cubes they deserve, o! before I forget if you notice it's stuck in pending you should contact them fairly quick because those cubes in pending status do expire. Hope my rambling wasn't terribly annoying. Sorry if it was.
  11. Nevermind I am back

    Lol Tathas, welcome back supertrampoline. Wow you went a whole day? (:
  12. New Faceless in Sacramento, CA

    Welcome kyokun (and friends) Lots of strategies can be found on the forums, lots of tips from different players too. Browse thru them, o! and download the strategy guide too. That helps remember what each formation does and how to utilize it . Yes there are a lot of swarm members out there, stay strong and you can over come them with time, allies, upgrades, and ordinance . Enjoy the game!
  13. Do Deflector bots attack/

    "Deflection is your primary defensive formation. Bots launched in this short range formation do not engage enemy nanobots on deployment but instead provide strong resistance against invading enemy forces attempting to damage your other bots. They are ideal for reinforcing territory already held....." So yes they are a defensive drones, which entails they would eliminate the opposition to the best of their ability. They are passive in the sense that if you opponent also has bots at the same location it would not actively seek out and destroy them. They would coexist- like trench wars. Hope this helps . Any further questions please don't hesitate to ask. Btw Explanation was taken directly from the Official strategy guide. Hope it helps, welcome to qonqr.
  14. New Weapon Ideas

    Thanks for mentioning that, like I said I did not want to credit for something that honestly was not my idea . I was thinking that it would be cool, especially for those who have mentioned they play in relatively rural areas. Slipstream and lokerim, you guys have a point. Local game play is one of the more attractive aspects of this game. Part of the reason I am so interested in this game, so good point. However, I did like the added idea of designating a day to launch and have possible game changing events. Nice to dream
  15. New Weapon Ideas

    I was thinking something not as devastating. I could have possibly read it in one of the forums (want to give credit where credit is due), and recently mentioned it in the chat room - long range missiles. Talking about 1000+ mi. Another member called it ICBM. Could completely change remote areas where the recruiter could not help his recruit at the moment. I'm sure there are many variables, i.e. cost, distance, effectiveness, strength, upgrades, capacity and so on, would be nice to see. Btw PhoenixReturns, great idea about centralizing a forum to specifically discuss these ideas.