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  1. Private First Class Plasdarn

    lol it didnt stay that way for long :/
  2. Private First Class Plasdarn

    meh. NC is more in faceless control so :/
  3. That Awkward Moment When...

    That awkward moment when you talk to your fellow 'operatives' and find you they go to the same school as you. o.O And also that moment where you send defensive bots and the zone suddenly turns 20,000 legion bots
  4. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    ...When you start downloading comm. apps and starting to treat the game like it's the military or something ._.
  5. Offensive language

    If it were me, fancy, i would just direct attacks to them. See who gets the last laugh : /
  6. Private First Class Plasdarn

    Hey guys! plasdarn here (also called ~plasderp). I am from the North Carolina Division of Faceless. So far i've been playing for a week and somehow i'm already at level 62 :/ Anyways I am currently fighting the NC division of Legion and... yeah : D Give 'em all you got and glory will be yours -DICE, Battlefield 4