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  1. I fail to see the point of this post, when does a player using the resources at his disposal constitute bullying? If I buy 500 qubes, annihilate my neighbour (who never buys qubes) and take all his zones does that make me a bully too? If the player is sending you abusive threatening ingame messages then report them through the usual channels, if however you’re feeling intimidated because the player is outspending you then perhaps it’s time to find a new game to play. While the game model is ‘free to play’, most of us who have played for awhile are under no illusions that it’s actually ‘pay to win’, therefore those with the deepest pockets will come out on top, if you don’t like it then you really do need to find a new game to play because it’s not going to change anytime soon. At the end of the day it is just a game, nothing more…
  2. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    Faceless = Feckless (origins unknown) Legion = Hamsters (coined during the 'Battle of Hamstall Ridware')
  3. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    So the official Windows 8 companion app should also be closed down? After all that gives an advantage to players who have Windows 8 and know about the app... Qonqr is a war game and as in war every faction strives to get a competitive edge over their enemy, I can't see how much fun it would be if the game was a completely level playing field, then we might as all play Sonic the Hedgehog... I personally applaud any faction that can come up with a technology that outwits their enemies, that's how battles are won, then it's up to the player to come up with a strategy to nullify such technologies...
  4. http://qommnd.com/ suspened by ICANN

    'Should be shut down for good.' Not sure why there is so much antipathy toward Qommnd, I would certainly miss it if it went offline, to the point where I wouldn't find Qonqr so interesting. Qommnd is a valuable source of intel, an overview of the battlefield, and battles are usually won by the one with the best intel.
  5. Any options besides qommnd?

    I agree, Qommnd doesn’t seem to return zones with more than 500k of bots in them…It’s a shame the powers that be changed the api as Qommnd used to be a wonderful piece of intelligence gathering, now the only time I use Qommnd is in the morning to see what has happened overnight.
  6. Faceless in London UK

    It sounds like all sour grapes to me, if there is a truce it's a truce and not a pact of mutual assistance so there's nothing to stop Legion attacking either Swarm or Faceless to take control of city zones, just because Legion are not strong enough to launch attacks they're expecting Swarm and Faceless to attack each other so they can come in and clean up the pieces...
  7. Faceless in London UK

    "You make a great team, well done" ...indeed! & we hold the city, which is surely the point of the game...
  8. Lost bots

    Thanks for the explanation Butterball, it's not a major problem at the moment as I'm totally unopposed at the moment, but I imagine in a running fight it could make the difference between losing and holding a zone...
  9. Lost bots

    Not sure what's going on here, I see on the scale I have enough bots for a deployment, I click 'Deploy Now', the satellite uplink begins and then a message appears 'Not enough bots' and around 200 bots disappear off the scale... Any ideas? Robiko