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  1. Device Lock

    I created a test profile as Silver suggested... named it "JUS7IFIEDblue"... and worked up to level 10 on it. Then went through the api test site and created my regular "JUS7IFIED" profile too. But when trying to login to my phone I get the message: "This device has been locked to JUS7IFIEDblue" Wasn't surprised by that. Nice security feature to prevent multi-accounts from going back and forth. BUT is there a time-out on it like 24 hours or something? I know I haven't launched or even been logged in under the "blue" account in over 24 hours. Even uninstalled and readded the app. Still nada. Was wondering how/when/if I could login as JUS7IFIED and no longer be locked to the "blue" profile.
  2. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    Also playing on an HTC One M8 running Android 5.0.1
  3. Stuck on "Choose your Faction" screen

    Hey Silver! Just found this and downloaded the QONQR Blue app. Trying to Create a New Account at the moment... and put JUS7IFIED in as the recruiter. "Not a valid codename or referral code." You mentioned earlier the "tiny test database" being used... I'm guessing this field isn't searching the main QONQR data for codenames? Clicking on "I Was Not Recruited"... now on step 2/3 "Choose Your Faction"... screen is still "Retrieving data on your local area..." with my GPS notification at top constantly blinking as accessing. Ok, so I went back and tried "testsilver" as my recruiter... that worked, joined LEGION (of course), and now at 3/3 with the ability to change the given codename. But text field seems buggy - keyboard pulled up but couldn't enter text... and then kicked me back to step 2/3. Back through the recruiter page again and codename field is working now. Signed up as "JUS7IFIEDblue" Alright... putting the game through its paces now. Also created a "JUS7IFIED" profile through the testapi portal. Keep up the great work!
  4. Qonqr - 2014 Plans/Goals

    I just HAD to go back and find an old post of mine from when I first started, after reading your blog post...and I found it Apparently I have a prophetic gift LOL!
  5. LordGideon In.

    .Just being nostalgic and going through old threads... SO GLAD I came across this!!! Makes me happy.
  6. Join LEGION. Fight QONQR. Save the WORLD.

    Luna! When did I miss your conversion to LEGION!!!

    Welcome to the Legion of Brotherly Love! As you can see when you scroll around the map, the Legion operatives in and around the Philly area work hard at snuffing out any traces on QONQR's insidious infiltration at the hands of SWARM, and also protecting our area from the selfish and disjointed guerrilla hacking tactics from FACELESS. It's a daily battle... but one we will NOT quit. Philadelphia is our home and we will defend its freedom, and that of our neighborhoods, at all costs. So, thanks for joining! We'll get you more closely connected soon. We are LEGION!!!
  8. California Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    Requesting a Pennsylvania work up please!