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  1. One Account, Two Devices...Legal?

    Direct from support: "Hello. There is no issue with that. As long as it is one account and not a second account you are using. Thanks"
  2. One Account, Two Devices...Legal?

    I emailed support about it, I'll post their response here to clear up the issue
  3. One Account, Two Devices...Legal?

    hahahaha. this.
  4. So here's the deal. My phone is crapping out (freezes up on the map screen, etc). I can get it to work, SLOWLY, from time to time, but it's annoying. I've got a phone upgrade in the next month or two, but until then, are there any rules against using the same account across two devices? I've got an iPad at home which runs QONQR much faster than my phone, but it's wifi only. When I'm out and about I'd still like to harvest bases / try and play if I can, but when I'm home I'd defer to using the iPad. The account can't be used simultaneously, so that's not really an issue.
  5. Your Highest Qredit Count

    I'm about to hit 250k, for the first time. BUT I haven't been spending $$ on cubes for upgrades, or anything really. lol
  6. Cube Spending, by region

    Yeah, I agree anonymity must be a main priority if something like this ever were to be implemented - however I can totally see how it will become pretty obvious to who is the the one(s) spending on cubes. I still think having a "heat-map" of different data values would be an interesting pretty cool thing to add to the command center. On that note, when is the command center coming to iPad?!
  7. Cube Spending, by region

    Maybe implement it into the command center?
  8. Cube Spending, by region

    So, Faceless have unlocked the second reward in the Save the Nanobots campaign. Obviously overall Faceless spend the most (at least via the web portal). However, with the recent topics popping up over the whole "pay-to-win" controversies, I was wondering: is there a way to see spending by faction, by region? e.g. in Minnesota, what faction spends the most on cubes? Or create a 3-color "heat map" of the US where the faction who spends the most, fills in the area. The heat map would probably be something thats not high on the priority list (game features & fixes coming first), but it would be nice to see some day!
  9. Console Release

    Tom Clancy's soon-to-be newest next-gen consol game "The Division" is going to have a mobile app companion. Say you're riding the bus home, and your friends are on in the middle of an op. Want to jump in? Pull out your phone and fly a drone around in real-time with your friends in-game. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me, and it's just the beginning. QONQR could be the reverse of this!
  10. QONQR Comic

    Awesome! Any plans to add any limited run/special edition print copies in the future? (Obviously after they're all fully unlocked, so as to not deteriorate from the fund-raising abilities of the campaign).
  11. The Major Motion Picture: QONQR

    A few people have told me I look like Phillip Seymour Hoffman...
  12. You know you play QONQR too much when…

    You use the QONQR map for navigation, rather than google. And if you get lost, you don't care as long as you're within range of a base to capture.
  13. New Weapon Ideas

    A while back I posted a very rough idea for faction specific super weapons (attainable at level 100). Once a player reaches level 100, they're granted access to their factions super weapon, each differs and follows the lore of each faction. I can't find the original thread, but the ideas were as follows: Faceless: Zone Hack: hacks target zone, scrambling defense formations for a short period of time. Legion: Nuke: launches a massive strike against the targeted zone. Swarm: Iron Dome: deploys the most advance defensive formation in the game. Each one follows the faction's story lines (legion want to destroy, swarm to defend, faceless are hackers). Like I said, they're very rough ideas. However, building off of kryptonym's last post (regarding his nuke idea), I think implementing a multiplayer aspect to each of these would be a great idea. Each of these counters another (Nuke just blows everything up, Iron Dome helps defend against that, Zone Hack renders Iron Dome less effective), and could help to promote faction-to-faction collaboration when attacking a mega-base. The trouble would come when trying to balance them with just a two-faction area (which it seems a lot of areas are becoming). Edit: Adding in a multiplayer attack, in general, would be a great idea. Help push the geo-social aspect of the game even further.
  14. "Use KM"

    Wow. I'm an idiot. The most obvious things....
  15. "Use KM"

    Well, there is a search, but it won't let you search for things less than 4 characters.