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  1. How many members of each faction?

    Its on the Facebook page (country updates etc )
  2. Now Accepting Android Beta Requests

    Is there any players who stopped playing due to changing phones?
  3. Qonqr has attacked

    I think it qonqr or has "the machine" (from person of interest) taken steps to regain control? is there more than one Ai?
  4. But human,s are tribal, is it true American children do the pledge of alligence? its the same for sports its just a different colour jersey that your supporting. but U have to be passionate about something U enjoy
  5. autumn I took the offer politly, and if U ask within ur own faction I only ever hit back at people who attack me. I dont take anything kilgourt says personally, just strikes me as an angry person. But first message i ever got in game was from a legion player, pointed me in direction of forum and said try to hold those zones but truce and i,ve stuck to it as i respect them as a player but also because it is just a game And to answer kilgourt i generally dont think i could last individually against either swarm or legion, and honestly why would I need tactics from legion players? Their are muktipule legion players therefore your adapted style of play would be different to mine. But if U read the title of the topic is "can you respect your opponent when they outnumber you?"
  6. Kilgourt, as always you miss the point I,m not whining about being out numbered, I,ll joke about it and I understand its just a game. What my point is that if you moniter every zone regularly you will notice that there will be over the course of a couple of days a different attack from a different legion player, and 10 active legion if only one focused on you a day that's attacks 24/7. If U also notice these attacks tend to lessen once I attack their zones across the midlands.... Tbh kilgourt U make my point can you respect an opponent who threatens you, because they out number you? "I tell you what I can do- give you some more reasons to whing soon" Tbh kilgourt you try to inspire fear and really U inspire my derision.
  7. I won't post here, but will pm U in game if U want, but its too late now
  8. Settled? Is that where legion players take it in turns to attack me? Then yes very settled . Oh and on a seperate note congratulations go to the group legion effort and two new players quit
  9. How to report a cheat?

    I looked, they started a day after each other 8 zone captures and 24 zones capture and they are in top 50 not count in UK And ghost is more active than super.
  10. How to report a cheat?

    I was tempted to buy phones for my whole family...... And make them launch as repayment. the comedy value alone would have been #amazeballsEdit: both are surname pickle and ones 28 other is 16that's my guess
  11. I think my first million kills were phoenix, and I think Leigh that your situation of fighting groups vs groups is different to 10 vs 1 lol
  12. Leigh, out curiosity how long did you leave it before attacking jonesy, because i imagine because ur so active you would retal quick. I was thinking about this, i mean how to entice new players in (and i think that a person has to feel emontionally connected to their zones) as a side note i still can't respect any of the players i,m fighting as they,ve had the luxury of being part of a 10 man team so my defences are weakened, and still they struggle, and they are as active as i am. althou there are only 4 active ones,but i wanted to go back to your point about supposedly they "respect" me i generally get the impression they want me to quit so they can play with themselves (pun intended)
  13. Leigh of course I,ve considered it. and it does make me laugh, the number of creds wasted against me
  14. tbh robbi3d no idea and have zones across the UK, in every country But crack on with it hopefully at least your oppenents havnt messaged you threats