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  1. Speaking of alternatives - is there anything close to Command Center that has a similar functionality and does not require Windows 8?
  2. I am not a technician by any means, but am I correct is suspecting that both Command Center and Qommnd (which use the public API) may be used extensively by the players and therefore affect the overall game performance? I am just trying to understand the situation.
  3. Server Outage 1/17

    I hardly understand what you guys are talking about, but am very happy that Qonqr has not only great developers but also such dedicated players!
  4. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    My reaction to adding ads in the latest update was initially like: "Whaaaaa?! NOOOOO!!" ...and then I updated anyway What was my surprise when I...couldn't find them. The present implementation is PERFECT. I don't understand all the moaning - not only do those ads help our favourite game, but also are hardly intrusive. I, personally, don't find them to be intrusive at all. Good work Silver! As for the "Earn free cubes" ad - I think it says "earn" and not "get" for a reason. Don't really think it's misleading. Then again, it's better to take it off or change it if anyone thinks it might be the case - this could harm the game if not taken care of.
  5. Ypres Peace / time zone?

    Poland here. I'm also having issues with this one - was never good with those pesky time zones. If I live, let's say, in the Polish capital city, Warsaw, what are the specific Polish hours to cease fire? Could someone help me with this one?
  6. Silver interviewed on Channel 9

    Great interview! I feel motivated to support QONQR LLC. after hearing how hard you have to work for this game to be what it is - super entertaining and social Plus, can't wait for Xbox apps!
  7. QONQR Comic

    Finally! Some love for the Swarm! Going to check it right now [back after reading] "...awesome new scope modifications..." eh?
  8. Prototype Maps

    Thanks Silver! Now I know I need to make a trip to eastern and western borders of Poland to help my Swarm brethren control the country ;> Am crossing my fingers for those maps, that they will make it to at least the QONQR portal! Would be totally awesome if we could receive a map with all the 3M+ map pins, each coloured according to the present owner's faction. I'd like to print something like that and put it on my wall
  9. Double zones - Guide?

    There will be losses, I'm afraid - merging may alter the situation in many places. Nevertheless, I'm quite sure that it could be automated, as the community for this game is one of the best around and should understand that it would be done for the benefit of us all.