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  1. Not in range

    There is a "Current Zone" button from the home screen and you should always be able to launch into that zone even if it's technically out of range at level 1.
  2. Q&A on 2-18-2013 Formation Updates

    Only the operatives in the leading faction in a zone gets targeted when you launch.
  3. While the Android version of QONQR is still in beta, it's been more or less working for a while now. Silver also mentioned that QONQR Black is/was on the way a while ago. Anyways, how cool would it be to have QONQR on the new Samsung Gear S? http://www.gizmag.com/samsung-gear-s-review-hands-on/33647/
  4. Stripped of gold status...

    Just noticed the gold status progress bar on my profile page on the portal. Can't see anyone else's but knowing your own progress is kind of nice.
  5. Things Atlantis has Taught Me

    500 cubes? You should be buying the 550 cube packs from the portal to support the comics!
  6. Qonqr in a nutshell

    Now we just gotta sync lock you and your pup. For shame... hah
  7. Highest Rank Points List

    Just hit 111 points and I believe the first Seargent Major in Minnesota. Next closest is jvmuskie at 107.
  8. QONQR Font type

    Would be pretty cool to create a deck of playing cards with this font and the faction colors (+ a forth color maybe). Could use the comic characters as facecards maybe. Or keep it simple with just this font. I'd totally buy a set.
  9. Sync lock ideas

    Which is why they probably put extra bias in for jailbroke and rooted devices in the algorithm for sync lock criteria.
  10. New Feature - Sync Lock

    What about being able to earn an inoculation or be awarded it through another community policed counter feature. Like a vouch system where you can up/down vote accounts before the get infected. I suppose that system could get manipulated as well. Maybe make another Inoculation ordinance that is shorter duration (say 2 hours) that is purchasable by credits.
  11. New Feature - Sync Lock

    It's not that simple. There is a reporting process and a whole algorithm in place to protect people. Everyone is assuming they get insta-locked if they launch at the same time as someone they are in close proximity to. Let's build on this idea and help them. More ideas/variables to use in the algorithm: Analyze a percentage of time played together versus apart and versus one or the other not even playing. Find an acceptable threshold. Analyze IP address changes against time played together/apart.
  12. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I know you are infected. So how has this affected you specifically? I am too, and unless your scope and the linked scope are deploying significantly frequently, the actual restriction is fairly minimal as your scopes still regenerate resources independently. It's still a restriction, but it hasn't ended my playing capabilities, nor the enjoyment I do get out of the game: stacking, attacking, striving for achievements, and most of all coordinating with others, which this feature makes MORE interesting since it requires new strategy and coordination techniques. How is that not good? If the game never changes, and new challenges aren't introduced then it dulls out. Everyone is being way to negative and restrictive of change without offering actual constructive criticism. We can agree that multi-scoping and pay-to-win are serious balance issues, so how would you solve it or tweak this feature? As for constructive tweaks: Maybe make the Sync Protection Inoculations purchasable by credits as well as cubes, at an appropriate ratio. Maybe add another decision diamond to the algorithm that takes into account another variable. Maybe reduce the infection duration. Maybe reduce the window of analysis from the last 24 hours. If you truly think there is no accurate yet accommodating algorithm to determine multi-scopers from non-multi-scopers, then we should throw the rule away AND everyone has to stop **** about them. If people are going to complain about them (which they will not not-complain about), then something needs to be done.
  13. New Feature - Sync Lock

    I think everyone is getting hung up on the word "Lock". Nothing is getting locked and nothing is being restricted. Even if you are infected, you can still play and be effective together, especially if you claim to be "casual". Please read my first post. If you want to ensure you can't be infected (for free), simply play more when out and about and separated from the other scope in question or wait 30 seconds between each others launches. My guess is that today is especially harsh for people getting infected because of everyone's previous 24 hours no one knew they could work around this before it was even announced. Seriously people at least give it a day or two to average out. The concept isn't that flawed, it just needs to be adjusted and iterated on to find the sweet spot.
  14. New Feature - Sync Lock

    With this <sarcasm>extensive breadth of data</sarcasm> over the course of not even a day, we can't jump to conclusions or make assumptions. There's a lot of speculation going around... I'm sure the dev's are frantically pouring of the usage and accuracy data of this feature's use. There are even bugs to iron out. The wire messages that are supposed to alert the players that are infected aren't even sent to each player correctly. Perhaps there are other bugs in the algorithm that are catching more people than it should. I'm not saying it's perfect, and I do think changes should be made. For those that are affected. Voice your experience. In my opinion, it's not as debilitating as everyone is making it out to be (see my prior post). If you're venting, be constructive. If you're rage-quitting, then just shut up and do it. Give it some time and hopefully the dev's chime in again soon.
  15. Annnd I'm sync locked

    Yes R0b. The pair of messages gets sent to one person. Should be addressed soon I'd imagine.