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  1. Offense

    Is there anything in the works to update the balance of offense vs defense? An attacker can launch almost 2 to 1 vs a defender and still come out negative for the day.
  2. The fair fight?

    Maybe late to the game but the forum is slow and this topic is still on the first page. : ) The fight is only even and fair right from the start. On an established zone, offense has to be pretty much double as one defender can hold off two attackers unless the attackers are really coordinated and even then progress will be very slow either way. Especially with the new tank size allowing up to 8 defensive deploys but only allowing a max of 6 attacks. You may only get 4 good attacks in after clearing and will kill less than 3k defensive bots (roughly 735 per shock on a fortified zone). Defense only needs 3 defensive deploys to make that up and now they can get at least 6 in even after spending 2 to clear. Yes you can try to throw other factors in such as boost (easily cleared), deploy patterns, etc. but it really boils down to killing 735 bots while they deploy 1250 bots. The devs dont want an offensive game. The main leader board promotes defense, the new tank size promotes defense. Stack bots and you win. Every time you attack, you have just lost 1250 bots toward the leader board. 200 attacks a day and you just gave up a quarter of a million bots toward the leader board. You are never going to win if you keep attacking. Stack, stack, stack. Winning in Qonqr is like making the 7th grade football team. All you have to do is show up. If you actively show up and deploy defensive bots, then you will be on the leader board and winning.