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  1. Affects of Upgrades

    Is that a yes onyx? lol
  2. How Many Zones Captured Do You Have?

    The gap is weird. I have the zone lead in all but 5 of my owned places, but the gap is 18 zones (captured 18 more). I think that when I lose a zone to an opposing faction, it counts a loss to the zone leader but not the zone captured number?
  3. Harvesting Rates

    Good to know - thanks. I think that sounds about right... But yea AOS is fun, gets to be a bit of a drag though. Warzone opening (so that both factions can attack each other) should help it. This, however, is fresh - we'll see how long it keeps me hooked
  4. Unit Upgrades

    Upon study of the info given for units, some of this chart I asked for can be provided. Basic attack bots: unlock (??) Upgrade 1 (08) Upgrade 2 (23) basic defense bots: unlock (??) Upgrade 1 (10) Upgrade 2 (24) Nanomissles: unlock (12) Upgrade 1 (21) Upgrade 2 (39 or something) Shockwave: unlock (??) Upgrade 1 (13) Upgrade 2 (29) Seekers: unlock (15) Upgrade 1 (25) The other units are all PVP units that require many credits to deploy. Needless to say I am not going to list them yet or use them yet. exact numbers wil be edited later. Further upgrade info wanted.
  5. Harvesting Rates

    I am an efficient person... I know I can launch nodes all the day long, and if i'm patient enough to wait out the "overheating" launcher effects, I could play this game constantly. But that'll wear out, some day, and Qredits will matter more and more. It says that if you control the zone, harvesting rates are higher than if you don't. Age of Sorcery, the other Windows Phone MMORPG I play, has a similar "harvest" feature, and it tells me in its FAQ that if you harvest every 8 hours, you'll never "waste" a harvest. So what's that number in this game? The refill rate for harvests, the maximum time to wait and not "waste". When I own it, I mean. There's nobody else within any range (except rockets and lasers) from my bases, so I don't need to worry about not owning a zone right now. But I only have 3 rockets, and imma hold on to them dearly until I have a full fleet. And I haven't bought nothing else, either - no advanced defenses, no lasers... not enough dough. Sorry for double negative. Spanish as second language really affected my English grammar, but I thought it funny so I left it...
  6. Unit Upgrades

    So, for new players, it'd be really nice if there was some chart that records when units upgrade, or at least a listing in game of "what level an upgrade is unlocked at" Maybe list it under upgrades, idk. For example, my buddy just started playing, and lives in the boonies. Only one zone is 3km from his home so... that place gonna be really beefed up until he gets a range of 8km for his attack nodes. Sure, when he travels he'll add a few bases, but when you spend much time at home, and still wanna level up, you will find that most troops get sent to the home-region zones. Until he gets to... The mystery level. It's not 5. It's before 10. But when do attack nodes increase their range? When do defensive nodes increase their range? If i recall, rockets are 12 and 21 (unlock and increased range).
  7. How did you hear about QONQR?

    It was the featured Windows Phone marketplace game the other day...
  8. Bases

    Thanks Croc - every point you made matches up perfectly with what I've seen thus far. It's the same on WP. Figured it out myself before seeing your post, but it's good that it's posted so any newcomers can clear these questions as well.
  9. Bases

    Ok, so I just got this game. Really cool concept. I have three questions about bases. 1 - how many bases can we have? Right now, at level 10, it seems to be one base every five levels. 2 - what's the importance of bases, other than to harvest credits? Should I spread my bases out or cluster them together? It seems you can only deploy from where you physically are, which is cool, but that suggests that bases aren't important beyond credits. 3 - how do you build bases? I understand you go to the bases menu and click create a base, but when I try to build one 5km from my first, it reverts my current zone to the first base, not the zone I tried to put it in. Is there a distance requirement in between bases? In USA using WP7 Thanks