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  1. Agreed, aside from the perception the person is shouting it's also harder to read, FACT!!!
  2. How come this big time cuber isn't inoculating both accounts now?
  3. Defection

    If you're not worried about rank points then it's 60 days in another faction, then 60 days back with original faction, then swap to last faction and you are now Rogue. Assuming you're at level 100 of course Maybe s/he just doesn't know much about the mechanics of faction swapping
  4. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    DA, from what I've seen, you play to win and winning is fun right, absolutely true and sometimes (more often than not) to win you use cubes (whether it be necessary or not). Ok, fair enough but what this means is that one day you'll wake up and have no competition to play against. They'll all be gone because they saw no point in competing against someone willing to spend the same amounts you do. *Just to counter those wallies who'll say "if they can't compete, good riddance, better off without them". There aren't many players in the UK as it is, there never have been compared to the US. It would only take a few of us to quit and the whole of the Southeast would be purple with no enemy to fight. If that's what you want then the only enemy you'll have is me, who you can't kill or get any kills from... Think about the Italian Mafia. When they had a guy in their pocket, they wouldn't bleed him dry right away, they'd take some, let him earn then take some more, and so on. So now you're thinking "is he trying to say let them win some?", well unfortunately it might a little late for that as your reputation now proceeds you. Most Swarm & Legion players in the Southeast now see you hitting a zone, send in some bots to get the kills but they know it will fall eventually. North London may have started as a battle but most Legion knew it was going to fall. London (the zone) wasn't even contested as far as I can see. This is partly what I was trying to say to you a little while ago. Another analogy (is that the right word?): When you play a computer game in God Mode you are robbing yourself of the challenge of competing, losing some and learning from it, then winning them back and allowing the victory to be so much sweeter. [Edit] more or less comma's and full stops.,.,...m,.,,,,.,.,.m..,.......,
  5. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Yes, sorry, that was rude of me. Hello Silver, welcome to the thread.
  6. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Actually the thread wasn't about cheating or lack of support, bohdizafa hijacked the thread
  7. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    One difference between QONQR and most other games that allow spending money to get an advantage is that most other games have no geographical limit/boundary. Let's take Eve Online for instance, an individual can spend thousands of dollar-pounds getting a Titan (biggest ships in the game). However, just because they've spent an enormous amount of money, it does not guarantee victory. This is because an enemy alliance can gather many players from around the world to help take the Titan down. In QONQR you're limited by geographical location so an extreme spender in a particular area can completely dominate unless another big spender happens to be in the same area. This pushes new players in the area out as well as small time spenders and free players. The devs stated a while ago that a majority of big spenders usually calm down after an initial burst of spending but this clearly isn't true in some cases. If QONQR had no geographical boundary then it might limit how much a big spender could dominate as players from around the world could help their brothers out but then QONQR wouldn't be a geographical game... Another issue (more on a business side) is that if the devs are reliant on a small number of big spenders compared to a large number of small spenders then they might find themselves in trouble financially if one or two big spenders quit the game. In contrast, a few small spenders leaving wouldn't make much of a dent.
  8. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Actually the op was a success, he was knocked off the top spot on the UK Hoardboard and lost a few zones. Some of those zones you're seeing were used as distractions to take other zones... Out of the 41 players on CoL, many were from the continent (or other parts of the UK) and probably didn't have thousands of missiles to spare. Also, there aren't many players in the Southeast left and most new players are actually someone's alt. You can also exclude me from the CoL hit as I was jumping from faction to faction, 'cus that's how I roll now... I'm sure his retribution will be swift, televised and involve several towers falling but my campaign has just begun
  9. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Towers and extreme cubing, probably the main reasons this game has quite a low playerbase
  10. Popular Opinion

    Dodgy Swarm!!!
  11. Popular Opinion

    Is it just me or is Strat's profile pic busted?
  12. Stripped of gold status...

    I'm sure a "thank you for spending time to help me out" wouldn't go amiss
  13. Winning Atlantis

    You can't fool me!!! Turns out Safari hates Bing maps so as I zoomed out it somehow re-centred to the middle of China. I must say unless the Windows in-game map is much faster than iOS and/or allows more zones to be loaded the only way I can see people finding Atlantis is pure luck (yeah right) or with the use of some external tool
  14. Winning Atlantis

    Thought I'd have a little look at Atlantis in-game but even though the map on the Portal shows where it is, I still can't find it. Maybe the map is lying to me, it's in the middle of China right? Wait, that can't be right How Arc actually managed to find it without help is beyond me
  15. new iPhone on the horizon means...?

    I didn't think many people kept old smart phones, especially when you can get a 100 squid for it, hmmmm lovely chewy rings of calamari covered in breadcrumbs