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  1. Can Atlantis go on forever??

    See you in atlantis my love. Edit: don't forget, you can buy as many phones as you want, but a major factor is how active you are. And you won't be as active as we are.
  2. Faction Switch

    Lmao. Yours has been legion for a long time.
  3. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    That's a new one. Well I haven't heard it. Guess legion pops cherries..? Wha..?????
  4. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    Legion Cat Army! Wait..a second.
  5. Faction Switch

    Welcome to Legion. And yes, it takes time. I believe it'll update itself or they will have to update it.
  6. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    But a1lec is harder to type then dings. Guess I'll get everyone to call you either a1 or steak >_> -still giggles at the swarm B zone
  7. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    What I usually do is just turn off the wifi on and off and that fixes it 99.9% of the time insead of having to close and reopen the app.
  8. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    It also came down to my faceless BAE Dings. But he blocked me from messaging him so it's been on and off. Edit: I'm glad my IPad didn't bug out the last minute. SILVER FIX THE 999999999 bug that happens on iPad. And don't say its because of my internet. Because it never happens on any of my phones and newer iPad D:
  9. Atlantis Feb 2015 - Legion Win

    I'm glad to participate in Atlantis. Indeed it was a very unique battle. Now for a little BM (bad mannered) To you faceless, I'm glad you got third place. That's what you get for double crossing Legion in the beginning. Now to be civilized, Swarm had a very great turnaround when the stacking phase started. You guys.. Mad props to you all. Faceless, you guys had to play defensively and you guys did great. Even though Dings and at one point Faceless Melee was taken, you guys took it back even with constant legion and swarm in your way. I hear Faceless is unorganized and chaotic but you guys pull through very well when needed. To you dodgyarab, stay away from Atlantis. Haha jokes! But you sir are a very very fast cuber. Maybe one day I would like to challenge you to a cube match up of how fast we can kill bots or something. (Hey Silver, you should totally sponsor that event) for fun of course. You seriously did made legion run the last 10 minutes. To Legion, you guys are great. With the new additions of leaders like Earit, Hector, AirPower.. You guys made a huge impact to Legion and I'm glad to have you guys on the team. I know I'm not the best shot caller out there and heck, I've made mis takes but you guys in your little private chat that I'm not apart from (I KNOW..WE CANT HANDLE CATHAN 24/7) have made very smart and decisive calls And planning. I still stand by my call of getting BigE back muwahaha. I'm glad you all still tolerated me even after that little mini breakdown I had. Which leads to this, there were rumors going around that I made a promise to switch to whichever faction won Atlantis and just quit the game. But you all as a faction. As friends. Even the faceless and swarm people that I talked too. Even the whole faceless (not you LA Faceless -some of you-) made me decide to stay and continue. You've all pretty much reborn me. (Oh gosh I think I went off topic) To all factions: Please for the love of Qonqr have easier names for your top 3 launchers. Having very weird nicknames was fun though...idk but LOVE YOU ALL
  10. Dings90 Atlantis Zone

    Well, to be fair it was the lowest zone :x
  11. Thank you, Legion

    Okay. I need to solve this. Please do not get offended but I know theres an Earit and a new Earit or whatever. I've always gotten you two mixed up so advance apology. Oh, I got it. Did you play Throne Wars?
  12. United Nations of Qonqr

    Glad your faceless representative or whoever spoke about it. I'm still waiting for our legion ones to Tell us a sliver of a detail.
  13. I'm thinking of switching...

    I'm sure you got a few others
  14. I'm thinking of switching...

    Well, you got me. I admit it.
  15. United Nations of Qonqr

    Hey, I can be the guy with the 10+ multiscopes. That's an influence to the game itself xD Either way I'll just go organize Atlantis as usual.
  16. United Nations of Qonqr

    Oh yes. I'm familiar with the group. The group where i'm not in it. Sorry for not being important I guess.
  17. Great month of Atlantis

    Congratulations to the winning faction: Faceless It was a great month. A great start of the year! A very interesting and fun filled Atlantis this round. Kudos to the top 3 players for each faction. May the future Atlantis battles be as great as this one. Or even better! Edit: This was pre-typed. HOLY BATTLE OF THE 668 BOTS
  18. Great month of Atlantis

    I really agree with this. Great job to those next generation Faceless!
  19. Great month of Atlantis

    Heck, I had the lead on the Hator zone even when Atlantis ended. I swear I did but now I don't. Haha.
  20. Great month of Atlantis

    Yeah, for us it said 8/3/7 and for some others it said 8/3/8. during when it went to 0 minutes. I guess it was luck of the draw? Don't know. But I think the game engine was a bit laggy. Too any people launching. haha!
  21. geting new blood

    Nice job. Hopefully they join Legion
  22. Poaching

    Faceless and Swarm have messaged me and my other scopes to switch. I think it makes it fair.
  23. **Contest** Qonqr in the new year!

    I would love to join!
  24. I am resigning as legion leader president ruler tyrannical leader. Dings paid me so I'm taking a break. -serious- he didn't, don't even start anything with him on this- -serious- I'm taking a long break since this game isn't fun anymore. Hopefully after the break I can get my Qonqr love back. -not serious- dings is love. Dings is life