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  1. QONQR Comic

    More pages released! The first two Swarm pages and page three for the Legion are now available! Check them out here: http://portal.qonqr.com/Comic/SelectFaction
  2. Server Update 11/2

    Lots of great ideas here. Thanks everyone for the thoughtful and passionate feedback. Our goal has always been to make this a map-driven game and the new maps are a step in that direction. We eventually want to get to the point where you can do the majority of your daily tasks without ever leaving the map. Imagine this: you click on a zone and instead of leaving to the launch screen, all the deployment options for that zone pop up around it. You select your formations and deploy without ever leaving the focus of that zone. Then maybe you switch to an alternate map view which only shows your bases, or just shows zones you have saved to your Watchlist ("Zones of Interest" as LordStefo called it). There are even more features planned here that we aren't quite ready to discuss, but this recent map update set the stage for a much more streamlined interface. I LOVE the idea of a "Zone Lock", Kirra87. I'm adding that to our interface design roadmap immediately. "Go To Zone" from links in messages is already on our roadmap. I completely understand what you're saying about the additional click to open a zone after you click through from your bases screen. As I explained above, that's a temporary issue while we are in this transitional map phase. Thanks for your patience with this. The zoom reset when returning from a launch is a bug. We'll have that fixed very soon. (Believe me, it irritates me too...) A link to the comics from in-game will probably be a part of an integrated connection to the portal. We're hoping to get a single-signon link to the portal soon. Again, thanks for the awesome constructive feedback everyone. We truly appreciate it!
  3. Swarm Necklace 3D printed.

    This is so awesome! Make sure you upload your cosplay photos too!
  4. QONQR Comic

    Awesome info, ArcSyn! Thank you!
  5. QONQR Comic

    As an obsessive Comixology user, I think that would be incredibly cool too. I'm not sure how that happens though. I'll have to look into it.
  6. QONQR Comic

    Thanks everyone! Glad you like them! We do hope to release these in print if everything works out. One day Agent Sunday, Kimyo, and Prometheus might grace the shelves of your local comic shop! Wouldn't that be cool?
  7. QONQR Comic

    The first comic pages have been released today. You can see them here: http://portal.qonqr.com/Comic/Index?faction=faceless The Faceless were the first faction to unlock a page, and the first reward for each faction will be two pages. That's why you see two published pages. Each subsequent reward will be one page. I know Legion has unlocked their first reward as well, we hope to have those ready soon. Our hope is that in the future, we will be able to publish pages as soon as each faction unlocks them. Each faction has their own 22-page issue to start with, but the stories intertwine and will cross-over even more as we go forward. We hope to reveal backstory, lore, and new game functionality with these pages, but also tell a good story. Our artist is the amazingly talented Joey Vazquez. I met with him about a month ago, and I couldn't have asked for a friendlier collaborator. We're really proud of the way these comics are shaping up. We hope you enjoy them!
  8. The update for the iOS is now available!

    Thanks Supertrampoline! You should have push notifications available to you as well. (That has been a strategic advantage for Windows Phone players for a while.)
  9. Tennessee Legion

    Welcome to the battle, WildTurk!
  10. Swarming in the Midwest

    Welcome TK421 (why aren't you at your post? ). Great to see another Swarm player! I'll get you access to the Swarm forum right away.
  11. Swarm in Arizona

    Great thread. Welcome CrisgoOfTheDead. Glad to see another defender join the battle!
  12. F21

    Welcome F21! Glad you like our game!