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  1. New Faceless in Sacramento, CA

    Hi, my code name is Rydax. I'm one of the friends who has also started playing in Sacramento. Yeah, there are a lot of Swarm out there, so any help we could get from the Faceless would be much appreciated. So hard to control a zone that we have a base in... =/
  2. Hardened Lattice Versus Strengthen

    Well, according to the strategy guide they boost the shields of the bots in front of them. As more and more bots stand in front of your Hardened Lattice their shield is spread more thinly on each of those bots. But as the numbers of bots in front of your HL dwindle, the shield on each of them gets stronger, because it's spread out less thinly. Basically it's more effective on a small army of bots. Now I don't know if that actually works as I can't use them yet, but you can look at the strategy guide as it probably explains it better than me.
  3. Make zones worth it

    Ahh, I see. Thank you for the input.
  4. Make zones worth it

    This is directed at the sentence in bold. I don't understand how leaving behind useless bots can prevent you from eliminating a zone. Can someone elaborate?
  5. Do Deflector bots attack/

    Ahh I see. Thanks to both of you for the explanation!
  6. Do Deflector bots attack/

    My question is basically the title. Do deflector bots attack? Because I'm attacking a zone that only has deflectors, but I am losing some bots that I deploy. What's up with that, I thought they were passive defense drones.
  7. Can't Change Formation When Launching

    OK never mind. I just got "turned loose" and now I can choose my formations. Should really clarify to players that you can't change until you are done with the "tutorial" combat.
  8. Hi all, I'm new. I'm playing on a Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC Surround. For some reason when I'm at the launch screen I can't change the formation to launch. I keep tapping the category button, but all it does is light up and does nothing. I'm Lvl 4 right now; is this because it's not allowing me to change until I get to a certain level? Great game by the way!