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  1. Liking the progress.

    A lot easier to use the forum on my phone now too with a mobile friendly layout. Yeah, needed a break, it wasn't fun for me any more, too much stacking, no attacking.
  2. Liking the progress.

    Not having played this game for a few months now I am very impressed with how smoothly and quickly the game is now running. This is admittedly partly because I have a better phone now, but I get the impression you have made a lot of improvements to how the game operates. It makes it more convenient, it was running painfully slow on my old phone. I don't have time to read through 4 months of forum posts to find out what you've done, but thanks. Now I have an empire to that I need to regain, having lost it in my absence.
  3. No Limit Cubing, is it fair?

    Well, everyone else has said something so, for you UK players, you may have noticed I haven't been playing for a couple of months.I stopped playing because I felt that the competition had gone stale. What is the point in me in continuing to play when every zone I attempt to take is locked down tight. When I did attempt to take these zones, my opponents would call in support to take out my other zones whilst I was distracted. I don't enjoy a game where I fail to win any of my battles, and constantly see my territory dwindling. This isn't through lack of effort on my part. Throughout the summer i played constantly, putting in much more effort and regular deployments than the majority of my opponents. Yes I am very disappointed that I lost London while I was gone, but even if I was there, I would have had no hope of defending it. So yeah, you may have fun winning all the time, but your opponents have been quitting on you for some time now, only worsening the problem. I almost quit entirely, but I'm going to come back. There is a real need for changes in order to keep me interested, as a stagnant and dull game wont keep me playing.
  4. Most of us don't. Just the cubers probably like to make themselves known, and have too much money to spend. Enjoy! I've seen all factions here cube around here, but then again there's all those rich London blokes around here. Another thing to bear in mind is if people are fighting multiple battles. Some days I can be battling in several zones at once. If my enemy are getting on my nerves and attack several places, I may spend a little to help me keep control otherwise, I doubt many people could defend and stack 3 zones all at the same time on their own.
  5. Maps

    Finished it. Here it is: http://s36.photobucket.com/user/R0bbi3d/media/Holland_zps29c5529a.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  6. Maps

    Yes sure. Its actually dead simple. I just mess around with me word and paint.
  7. New player in East of England / RoHRHat

    Welcome. To be fair a lot of Norfolk counts as rural, its not really a big giveaway.
  8. Now Available for WP8: Qomics App

    It sounds great, certainly. Its just a shame its only wp8.
  9. Spam

    You can trust him not to be trustworthy.
  10. "gold status"... eh?

    That's a good idea. It encourages regularly killing large numbers of bots. And I doubt any enemies would be dumb enough to keep deploying sw and seekers into those zones for more than a couple of weeks. In order to get the 10, 25, and 50 times, you would have to start considering the larger targets.
  11. Maps

    I have updated this now. Just got scotland, northern ireland and a few other bits and pieces. I can get these done a lot quicker if I wanted. It would only take me a day or two. All the changes were done today so it doesnt take that long. It is slightly out of date now , but in the main it should be accurate. http://s36.photobucket.com/user/R0bbi3d/media/UKmap_zpsde02f1c1.png.html?sort=3&o=0
  12. Fan Site www.qonqrd.co.uk

    Nice site, and i don't really mind the humour, but yeah some people might not like you speculating over spending habits. Just try not to focus too much on one person.
  13. Fan Site www.qonqrd.co.uk

    Hey! Get that camel off my land! Its damaging the greenery.
  14. Spam

    Aw but I thought those links were totally reliable... I mean, what could possibly happen?
  15. Enemy intel

    Lol yeah of course, try turning monopoly into a drinking game. Every time you land on a property you drink according to the rent you have to pay I obviously have not tried this... I wont mention he real parties, you'll get jealous.