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  1. Multiscope venting.

    As long as Silver is keeping the data to himself and deletes it when it's no longer needed, I support this. I prefer him to collect the data over all the other data-kraken out there. Reading the news these days, there are many. BTT: Silver is doing a great job on preventing cheats. And surely he needs data for that. We have to accept that there are "bad people" "bad-gamers" out there. Silver has banned several cheaters already that we reported and we fully trust in his judgement. Btw: We are also a bunch of friends playing Qonqr and sometimes we even drive around together to Qonqr. Many of us have several phones for work reasons but it's an honor - thing not to multiscope for us. It's one thing to Bot-Mine in Eve with friends but another to Autoaim in CS or multiscope in Qonqr. The difference is between "together" and "against".
  2. Qonqr has attacked

    At least it's also all over Germany. Does this mean, Swarm has won?
  3. "Pending" free cubes on iOS

    clicking the info button in the lower right corner does nothing for me (email is set up though). I'm on ios and have everything up to date. I have mailed to contact@nativeX.com because that was the only mail I found.
  4. Is QONQR being scammed?

    Germany here (but on ios). I'd never use creditcards to buy anything.
  5. How to see the type of bots?

    Just a simple example from reality: I'm visiting somewhere and give special support but everybody must see this to coordinate things (buffs). Otherwise my suppport is kind of useless.
  6. Double zones - Guide?

    Same here. How about creating an automated popup when deploy in zones within range x of another zone: "There is a map-bug in this zone and we need your help. Is it called x or y?" The rest can be automated. Then we'll see if I help more or Gnomus . Edith says: maybe even count these corrections and put up second leaderboard for that. I'd be up for the race!
  7. iOS Earning Cubes Offerwall

    17: Verified 3: Expired 1: Pending And yes, I'm **** sure I installed and started and played for a few secs even. I love that way to get cubes for free but it's not working 100% (more like 75% ).
  8. Helping New Players

    Idea: We could use the "double bases" for that. How about making the older base (lower ID or whatever) unclaimable because unclickable. You can only reach it when you are currently in that zone through the "current zone" button. That would give any mobile player a big advantage and that could possibly help new players.
  9. Helping New Players

    I also agree. I attack any new player with wrong color. For the sake of the game I started asking them to change color but until they do, I attack. Just this week I saw 3 new players getting inactive again within my 30 miles. None of them agreed on changing color, in fact they never even replied to my polite email (was also offering help). Maybe the need kind of a "guideline" on what to do and how to react.
  10. Cheaters

    Less takling, more QONQRing! If you don't like somebody, you are actually allowed to attack him / her in this game so what about doing that? Beat the sh** out of their bases until they regret they ever started this game. That's alot more satisfying then posting stuff in forums...
  11. IMO: Let people switch once without penalty before level 100.
  12. Nevermind I am back

  13. How to see the type of bots?

    I see. And how to see when deploying a formation?