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  1. Dirt and Other Faction Generalizations

    the grapes thing is daft i agree. so is the money thing as across the world there will be areas where their are non spending faceless surrounded by heavily spending swarm or legion. just depends where you are. not really got anything else to add.
  2. The forums are a ghost town

    first time i'd logged in in months. i don't even know what faction you were then. tbh i don't even know what faction you are now...
  3. The forums are a ghost town

    literally nobody. ever. EVER.
  4. Qonqr addiction

    dude you realise you control your own actions right? if you hate the way you are acting then take some ownership and change. people give up smoking everyday, people stop eating junk foods, people start going to the gym. i'm sure silver won't thank me but i'm sure even he would rather have happy players who spend a bit than players who spend tons but hate the entire concept. take responsibilty and keep that wallet in your pocket before you end up in financial ruin.
  5. What Should Happen to Atlantis Now?

    i haven't been on the forum so much recently. i forget atlantis even exists
  6. what a great tune. virus i mean, not firestarter, prodigy started going down hill rapidly after that IMO
  7. Tru Story Discussion Thread

    i'm alive! hello all so to explain the big gap whilst i have been doing other stuff [still deploying but not on forum much] i have had not alot of time for finishing off pieces, i have still been working on ideas, more like brainstorming and i think i have some pretty interesting ideas about how the story pans out [whether i can write them well is another matter obviously!] i've also been working on another story to cross over with, as who likes just one protagonist?, but i may write it as a seperate story then if i ever get round to making this a book i will interweave the stories whether i actually get round to finishing a piece anytime soon is anothe matter though, but i am going to try and get back into the routine of doing writing and editing, life has been mad hectic, in a good way. i've been trying to think of a way to explain atlantis into the fiction and game context and i think i have finally nailed it. shame nobody else is writing fiction here anymore as that would take the heat off me abit, although i guess at least it means nobody is using the same as my ideas before i get a chance to write them!
  8. CEL does ALS ice bucket challenge

    i've already done it like. will look for the video
  9. QONQR black

    you know what i love about qonqr black the most? that some berk has decided that the rate & review section of qonqr black is the place to bang on about dodgyarab and how he cubes and how unfair life is. embarrassing.
  10. CEL does ALS ice bucket challenge

    didn't see this until now so i guess my 24 hours are up and whilst i wouldn't say i live under a rock i really don't understand what the crack is with this, you get some icy water chucked over you and somehow that generates cash for some charity but i don't know what charity, all i really know is a lot of people are going on about it because it is a massive waste of clean water, which there is a shortage of in the world. not to turn it all serious like but i'm not a big fan. despite that i have randomly already done one of these challenges over the weekend, under my other moniker, black jesus. if i ever get a copy of teh video i'll hoy it up here but im not really sure what purpose any of this serves. have fun and what not though, save lives and don't catch a cold.
  11. who's enjoyed Atlantis?

    i enjoyed the first few hours of it the first time round, since then i've maybe deployed a few times. i thought it would be a decent way of racking up kills but most times i deploy i only get a few hundred as there are so many different players in each zone i end up clearing out tiny amounts of randoms.
  12. New player in East of England / RoHRHat

    you'd be better off not telling people that sort of stuff!
  13. QONQR Black

    tbf that is not what you said in the post that kirra was disagreeing with.
  14. Spam

    This is true. Ooooh paradox
  15. office space is awesome. for that i will agree with whatever you say bro.