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  1. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Wingman (Legion) has 55,544,155 kills as of 8/23 3:15 am
  2. Buying Zones...

    It depends, they will be limited to using cubes to bring down 1 single mega zone per day per player with this idea. Depending on the cost of the ordinance (maybe 100 cubes?), it would mean huge zones could be laid low but it will also empower less wealthy players an opportunity to bring down a zone that has been built up far beyond their capability. The ability for a single player to sweep through an entire territory with cubes would be far more difficult but yes megazones could be laid low by an underpowered group. What this would also mean, however, is that a zone could not be cubed UP to 500,000 bots or more in one day with full supports, just destroyed. No more watching players spend $100 taking and fortifying a zone, only taking, which is bad for those of use with empire building goals but good overall for keeping new players and giving people a chance to actually play.
  3. Unofficial Bot Kill Leader Board

    Here is the Global LeaderBoard's (Top 21 players) Kill Counts (as of August 22nd, time 17:30): F Richin109 8,806,643 L Mercy 7,306,427 L SillyCrez 12,495,108 F Chickeneye 8,051,118 S Lokerim 11,111,041 L Uksjd 7,588,011 F mintaka 13,286,445 F andycvr 705,992 F cedrorum 8,761,150 L Gilceleb 1,578,222 S Intmadatrs 7,270,146 L clubfoot 25,001,699 F 1moparnut 10,025,569 F maxoxam 11,924,598 F Cipher9 13,916,527 L god1355 25,912,406 S DLMyth 1,197,019 L Ariaore 5,536,986 L maecenus 37,189,677 L kutengwa 10,280,193 S boudica 16,230,661
  4. Buying Zones...

    A better solution would be to make cubes useful for purchasing unique or more advanced upgrades to your scope instead of simply for end-game refreshes and exchanging for credits. I think refreshes should at least be limited, maybe have a burn out after a certain level is reached, 40-50 launches in an hour possibly. In cases where there is a solitary or small group of players overwhelmed by a massively defended territory, there should be a special formation or launch ordinance which allows the player to either destroy all the bots in the zone or maybe render completely defenseless. Something that comes to mind would be like an EMP burst type weapon, usable once every 24 hours and purchasable only with cubes, it would cause all the bots in the zone to have an extremely low defensive rating (like a shockwave) for a certain time period, maybe 60 minutes. A team of players could then destroy the zone in minutes, it would be insanely fun!
  5. Buying Zones...

    This is a high stakes game where people spend some serious ca$h to buy some serious zonage, if you don't got the cash I hear there is this game called Ingress you should go check out. Eventually we will have the whole world dominated by the richest QONQR investors around, in fact I hear it already started when Swarm dumped a couple hundred into a single zone in Houston. They know how to play! Now get out your wallets, kids, talk is cheap!
  6. Texas Top 50 Leaderboard Stats

    Big deal, but don't put away your credit card yet, plenty of more zones to buy!
  7. Texas Legion Emblem: Lonestar Legion

    Thanks once again F3N, this came out Great!
  8. Ranks and Awards

    I'm impressed with all those who've attained Master Sergeant and with recruiting 50 players, Congrats! Now we just need a new set of achievements and expanded leaderboards.
  9. QONQR Chat

    If I enter chat, suddenly the room gets quiet. So I use a pseudonym, no one will ever know...
  10. I can remain silent no longer...

    All this boils down to one thing, Faceless outnumber both Swarm and Legion globally and here we have more silly anti-Legion propaganda trying to further instigate the Swarm witch hunts.
  11. Bullies

    Speaking of hoarding bots, hows Redfern, Australia holding up these days?
  12. New Faction Switching Rules

    I agree absolutely with this, having already dealt with multiple players who are switching sides regularly, Everything F3N stated needs to be implemented very soon. Faction loyalty should be a very integral part of this game.
  13. How do we have Admin's check a player?

    This also doesnt take into account the offerwall on iOS, combine that with a large cube package and you have someone who can rise up from virtually nothing in a very short amount of time.
  14. Cheaters out of nowhere...

    There are players out there with a lot of money to spend on QONQR, however with a solid team it is possible to survive these attacks in your territory. A new dedicated teammate is better than someone with a massive amount of cubes.