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  1. Faceless, Legion, or Swarm?

    Change is as unavoidable, unpredictable and unstoppable..prepare yourselves.
  2. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Fine..you win..I'm a troll. I was being a negative, passive aggressive troll. I apologize for being a hypocrite..I should've worded my question and response differently. I shouldn't have assumed anything about you..heck..I should've just not posted at all. You are correct..no one likes passive-aggressive people..I need to work on that. Tell you what..let's just forget this ever happened. I'll go back to not posting and you continue your work of helping people by being the sandy ****-hole I'd half assumed you were..because you are..seriously..a big one. There..removed some of that passive for you. Good luck..later.
  3. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    I was merely curious. I haven't posted in a while..but I do check in from time to time to see if there are updates or new info..same with the blog. I've noticed, over time, that most new posts end up with a negative comment about the game from you. I wasn't attempting to troll, good sir..I just wanted to know. I suppose part of my post could be insulting..but given that it was in an "either/or" context..the insult only applies if it's true. I only meant to imply that your constant negativity lead me to those possible conclusions. If, in fact, your trying to save this poor soul, and others like him, from the addiction of an online game while also trying to promote a more productive means of time allocation by trashing the game..then that's your business and an answer to my question. I don't believe it..but it certainly is an answer. Incidentally, I continue to play because it's not a huge time sink and I can play at my leisure..and it's only as addicting as you allow it to be. But hey..that's just me.
  4. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Hopefully, Necroxy, your issue will be resolved by the devs. Multiscoping is allowed..though a single day to 100 seems a bit much if that's the case. Hope you stick it out and give them a chance at a resolution. Good luck.
  5. (MULTI-account hacker) in Poland!!

    Why do you even bother posting on the forum, Strategist? I can't tell whether you care so much about Qonqr that you feel tough love will bring about change or if you're just some sandy ****-hole with nothing better to do than troll the message boards of a game you appear to despise. Either way..it's your business, I suppose. I was just curious as to your motivation for the constant complaining and negativity.
  6. Upon actually checking the forum..it appears the hack has been referenced a few times. Apparently someone logged into 5 accounts, switched their factions and spent their creds on useless ordinance. Also, apparently, most of those 5 accounts shared the same password...but were different people. You know..I sympathize..really, I do..but..WHY? (sigh) Well..on the up side..those 5 are one step closer to going full merc. Don't pass up this golden opportunity!
  7. I'm further curious how French jail compares to lockup here in the states. I'm betting it's a lot nicer...buuut I'd likely end up making someone mad since I don't speak the language. Nevermind, Naamah, you're not a hacker...I don't wanna end up shanked or married in some hoity-toity French prison.
  8. I'm equally curious, if I were to accuse Naamah of hacking, if the French government would seek my extradition to be tried on a charge of calumny...as its apparently a very serious crime as it pertains to gaming.
  9. Oh wait..the Naamah guy was the one who posted about uber cubers the other day..so this is a French thing. Now I'm REALLY curious about the details of the supposed hack.
  10. It's weird...I don't think they live in Illinois...but they talk like it...kinda. I'm curious as to the details of the supposed hack.
  11. To all the french Swarms

    I..I just can't help but feel I've seen this conversation before. Yeah..yeah..I'm sure I've seen this all before. So..before things get to repetitive I'm gonna bow out of this conversation. Good luck..because if you're spending your time here instead of in your zones..you're gonna need it.
  12. To all the french Swarms

    No, Naamah...I clearly understood what you were trying to convey. I'll even go as far as to agree that what your facing now is, while fully allowed and deemed completely acceptable by the developers, unbalanced and wrong. However..the imbalance isn't in the game and isn't something that, from a business standpoint, is likely to be regulated. The game is fair..the advantages are provided to all players. It's the players themselves that throw the balance into chaos because, as you've said, not everyone can afford spending several thousand bucks a year in only one game. Truthfully, in my opinion, the moment you admitted to buying cubes yourself your complaint became silly..because I'm sure there's a player out there, who has bought NO cubes, who can make this same complaint about you that you are making about others here. I know these things because I've read them so...many...times in this forum. There was likely a time, ages ago when I was a young Massune, that I even posted a few myself. That was the purpose of my post..I was poking fun at addition of yet another cuber/bully/trash talk complaint on the forum. It wasn't directed at your personal plight so much as the idea that someone, yet again, finds it necessary to lobby for a spending cap on the only real way for this game to make money. As to your specific problem..you, like all those that have raised this topic before you, have few options to rectify the issue. Here are a few that seem to have worked for others..fight harder, recruit better, spend less time complaining and more time organizing, budget for more cubes or quit. I'd rather not see you opt for the latter..but to each their own.
  13. To all the french Swarms

    Attention (insert faction here), We, the (insert faction here) are tired of the way you constantly (circle one).. A. Cube rage us B. Bully us with numbers C. Talk mean to us It hurts our feelings because (circle one).. A. We don't cube B. We don't have as many allies C. We have no sense of humor and/or no backbone Please refrain from participating in the above selected actions for above selected reasons so as the game is enjoyable for (insert faction here). Regards, (insert name and faction here) There we go...this should streamline the entire complaint process of the forums. Copy and reuse as needed. You're welcome.
  14. United Nations of Qonqr

    Given the premise and scope of the game a Qonqr UN seems fitting. #G3+1
  15. Additional Factions

    I'd like to see the mercs get their own faction, symbol and leader so as to not be permanently forced to choose between the other three factions to play. Granted..most have a "home" faction to which they return when not being an actual mercenary and being in the faction you're working for gives you the benefit of their support bots. Still, it would be cool if there was a truly neutral choice for those that put in the time to get the title. This game technically already has a 4th faction..it just needs to be properly recognized and developed.
  16. Allow me be the first to make an obvious Cuban Nano-Crisis parody. Should anyone be offended..please accept my most sincerest of apologies. Everyone else with an actual sense of humor..you're welcome.
  17. What's in a name?

    Lol..that, good sir, required an explanation. I had always thought it was a reference to the mad hatters un-birthday reference in Alice in Wonderland.
  18. What's in a name?

    @brussel: Does your friend named Brad play Qonqr and, more importantly, does he use GroupMe..I may have some questions for him. #bradpatrol
  19. What's in a name?

    Massune is a play off of the name Masamune. Masamune, the man, is regarded as Japans most famous and prominent swordsmith. He became so highly regarded for his skill that the weapons he created were referred to as "Masamune" instead of the actual type of sword. To this day, the Japanese swordsmithing community uses the name as a title of honor whenever someone creates a sword of exceptional quality. As times and cultures changed, the name started being used in the entertainment world as a way to show perceived power. Strong characters in movies and t.v. would sometimes be named Masamune. Other entertainment outlets also used the name..which is where I first ran across it. The really long odachi used by Sepiroth in Final Fantasy 7 is named Masamune..as well as Aurons celestial weapon in Final Fantasy X. In fact, there is at least one reference to the name Masamune in every single Final Fantasy game. My own fascination with bladed weaponry and the rich history of the name has led me to use it, or a play off of it, in most games that I play.
  20. Rogue players

    No, Markliturd. I don't need to defend Un..he's a big boy and is far better at verbal altercation than I. I just wanted to say, for all to hear, you are the one who is a ****. Now that my intentions are clear we can get back to more serious matters..you are also a do-do head and a pee-pants.

    Eight minutes late..dang! Well, hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!
  22. Rogue players

    Ahhh..sweet music to my ears! It's been far to quiet and civil on the forums lately. We gotta keep this going..don't want another dry spell like the last one. Mark..you are the one who is a ****!
  23. Who Am I?

    Bases can't be destroyed but they can be overrun. When another faction controls the zone your base is in it produces creds at a much slower rate. The "surround your base" message is a notification that your base is under attack. Happy Thanksgiving and happy hunting!
  24. Thanksgiving musts!

    I will not! I will not bow to "panda pressure" nor the strong arm tactics this company has obviously stooped to in order to peddle its wares! I will, now and forever, boycott Panda Cheese!