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  1. A faction united can take down any zone, the cost of such Ops are credits and coordination. The game is already setup to be favorable to the defender and it takes a large number of players and resources to bring down such a large zone. I'm no expert in QONQR but I would think that if defensive missiles were an option then every actively monitored zone would become stalemates, thus gridlocking any further advancement from all factions.
  2. QONQR maps not loading zones

    Thanks Silver for the quick response in resolving the issue. I hope you don't have to bang your head against the wall too much to find a permanent solution across all platforms.
  3. About an hour ago my scope and several other QONQR scopes stopped loading zones on the QONQR map. Is anyone else having this issue and if so has anyone been able to find a solution. I have verified reports of this happening across both platforms Windows and Apple. So far its happened to Nokia 1020, 822, 1520, and iPhone4 all at the same time.
  4. Windows Phone 1.17 Update released

    If it really is a pay per view on the WP platform then I to will leave the ads on (even though I've spent more than enough to turn them off). Its really not that inconveniencing if it gets you mote money.
  5. Update 1.17 Ads for free players

    Trustar, I agree with your points as well. I hope that new players actually play the game for a while first and if they like it, I'm sure most players will pay for it. QONQR is a business that must generate income to survive. As today went by I was thinking about how this changes the role to some degree of the avid QONQR player and how if we want this to continue it truly is up to the users to support it. Look at it like this perhaps, the ads and fees are policy now (at least for now) and it is up to the existing players to reach out to the new players and welcome them, help them, get them enticed into playing, once their hooked, (just like I was reached out to and helped) the rest will take care of itself.
  6. Update 1.17 Ads for free players

    Look at it like this, you will pay 99 cents once a month for 10 months and then your ad free. That's a very reasonable price to pay and I commend Silver and his team for trying to balance keeping QONQR going by generating revenue and keeping the bill light for the players. QONQR is truly unique and one of if not the best mobile app game out on the market. It has a great user base, addictingly fun, loads of dedicated resources via forums, a continuing plot line and development, all for $9! I own my own small business and understand the bottom line, no money coming in equals no updates, no development, and eventually shutting down. I was concerned about the subscription rumors myself and knew that if it was over a certain price I wouldn't be able to play any more, but for the amount of enjoyment you take away from playing QONQR is well worth $9. A drink or two at a bar, a coffee and pastry, even your random impulse buy at the store usually costs $9 or more so what's the big deal? Play it, pay it, QONQR it.
  7. Level 100 in how long?

    11 days, I remember well because I threw my back out and went looking for a game to play while I was laid up, then I hit 100 the day before my daughter was born.
  8. New Blog Post: Big Changes: Please Read

    "must cheat to keep things fair" is idiotic. When I started playing QONQR I was outnumbered, had no clue what I was doing, and had no money to spend on cubes, but with perseverance you get better, network with others, build your scope, and start taking zones. That's it, no cheating required. Some have it tougher than others but that's war.
  9. New Blog Post: Big Changes: Please Read

    It sucks now but I'm sure they will be able to bring it back once sufficient programming and manpower is available. Stupid cheaters ruining things for the rest of us.
  10. 3k exchange rate

    Yippie, 3k again.
  11. 3k exchange rate

    A random system would be preferable and the fairest. However since its been stuck at 3k for days the odds are against a random system. Its ok though, I won't exchange until its a lot higher and if we have to wait for it then so be it, more time to strategize how best to spend it.
  12. 3k exchange rate

    I'm frustrated as well with this 3k exchange for three days. I'm surprised more people aren't complaining on the forums, because they sure are in the groupme's and wires. I understand the point of fluctuating the exchange but c'mon, it was 1500, then 1000, now its stuck at 3000, its aggravating waiting a week for something worthwhile to show up. I feel the only reason they are keeping it so low is out of financial greed. I purchased a save the bots deal and want to support QONQR as well but string me along for too long and... Why buy cubes at all with real money if you don't get any real benefit?