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  1. I am torn between my inherent distaste for cube spamming and my feeling of appreciation that someone feels this strongly about swarm.
  2. The fair fight?

    Atleast I am not legion and there for we can have this intelligent discussion rather than just compete over who has the best words XD ohhhhh someone bring the bill to legion cuz someone just served them extra double order of stir fried SNAPPPPPP If the devs wont make zone dueling for us I hope out there somewhere are those who would empty a zone and challenge one on one to a local battle. I'd like to see the transcript of deployments made / moves made as well that would be neat I think such events would be cool. I suppose if people give up on atlantis as it works now they can schedule their own tournements in empty atlantis zones.. have a team clear the zone.. put 1 vs 1 or teams vs teams.. like fisticuffs challenges.. find out what these warriors are really made of!
  3. The fair fight?

    Indeed. Unless its your bread and butter. DOing the dreadful algebra of operatives, ranges, resources and balancing teams for maximum fun and tactical advantage... and also enjoy taking notes and refining a unified system and approach for doing such things.. to share with next gen so they have advantages you didn't.. Self reliance and independence should be important. I have always prefered the organizing be left to the players and let us create our own world. It may satisfy the thing you sound like you are seeking. Something that isnt just raw math but where your choices and skills and experience can genuinely effect the outcome of a situation. With the advent of the Hyper-mega cubers rather than just the old days.. the regular CUBERS it is not as common for a group of free players to over come a cube funded enemy, but there was always something uniquely satisfying when our team could come together and teach a cuber a lesson And free up all the little swarm who were hidden under the cover of wrong colored bots ..
  4. The fair fight?

    I don't know man, I think #2 (gather other players) is also a skill related scenario especially in the old days. I also would suggest there is definitely Skill to be gained in combat. But the reality is generally you wont get to truly compare your skill to anothers .. until they make the Zone Duelling option that's all the rage these days. Invite only zone with pre-selected rules regarding cubes, ordinance or what have you and considered "local" to all invited. The potential is endless Unless it costs cubes in which case never mind XD Relating to the "if all things are equal" idea though you almost sound like you are quoting some swarm documents If all resources are equal the deciding factor will be TIME available. He who has more will win. If all things are equal and TIME is equal; He with more reliable allies will win. If resources, time and allies are all in equal levels: He who's organizer has the most skill will win.. ANother name for organizer depending on your different factions would be "general" or similar.
  5. new swarm

    http://tinyurl.com/swarmsecurity Welcome
  6. hackers gonna hack

    awww you should have selected swarm and help make the world a better place for good quality human beings. I hope you will change your mind after seeing our family bond and want to be a part of it! You will see for yourself the quality of human attributes in other factions and make your own decision after. Either way I hope you will do your best to represent your faction with honor and not bring shame to it. that is the number 1 most important thing an operative should concern themselves with!
  7. About Multis and a possible new rule

    Silver is legion and there for adheres to all manor of depravity and shamelessness! The ancient qonqr gods will send the furies to haunt him, but without a vast treasure we can never hope to collapse his evil multifaction oligarchy! Well unless free players stop whining and get back to unification across the globe! Free Players! Honorable Players! Unite! True scopes and free scopes can create enough of an effect to overcome the tyrants of the qonqr world! If we do not gather them and organize them the world will forever belong to the rich elites who, due to their lack of human qualities, are the least qualified to have victory ! ALL HAIL THE TRUE SWARM! What is a true swarm? Seekers of the truth shall find this answer. (Also Fire night at monks tonight! Day 1 of the 4 day birthday celebration hooray!)
  8. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    /Nod You have more pull with developers than I, so get on them: Invite only Empty zone in "close range" of all (such as atlantis model) Spectators allowed. Simple rules (such as atlantis model) grunt, melee, cubeless options. etc. recently i also added to my contemplation: perhaps use any still EMPTY zones in the world? Alternate uses can be tournements, Team matches (5 on 5, 10 on 10 etc..) Possibly even Credit fee and winner takes the pot? Important it doesn't have a CUBE only cost (assuming there will be some cost unless free which would b e swell) Hook it up! We can Zone Chess.
  9. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    Hi. I have no grievance. earit is more like an annoying child to an old man. Makes up stuff and whines about it. Allows his ego to go unchecked and compel him to waste money and resources for selfish goals rather than be team oriented. He airs missiles alright LOL like friday he dropped what? 615+ missiles to capture a zone in CT which he can not defend and has no tactical value to him. A kind of slap in the face to the local legion who (10-15 in number?) SHOULD have been able to take the tower from me and dedboy my local ally. I never saw someone lead a zone with missiles before! it was like 195k missile bots? All other local legion were in the zone too but the next highest count was maybe 40k? Earit is a very good example of the legion global social psychology though, I am glad he found a home. He could have never been and would never be a good swarm because he is just not a good human being with good qualities which should be the goal to attain for all faction/families in my mind. FYI While earit cube pillaged a zone to make himself feel better I was out back at a bonfire feasting and drinking with friends and engaging with my dreamy dream girl XD I am glad the imaginary monk in his head has no other function than to haunt him. Freeing me up to eat and sleep and stuff. Dings90! I fear I would not present much of an enjoyable battle for you. I do not have cubes or multiscopes or anything like that and very frugal when it comes to spending credits. With some luck the devs will create the Zone Dueling feature soon and maybe we can one-on-one. I am curious to see if those who are known for cubing have good skill or just deep pockets and its something you really can't find out until you can engage them directly with freeplay bots you know what I mean? To be clear I mean this about myself too. We can't know what we're made of until we get a true test. In life and qonqr i do not shirk from testing myself. Perhaps I will be surprised to learn some flaw in my scope kung fu or new tips and tricks. I am always interested in forward motion and refinement! Zone dueling will eliminate fancy words or scams or cubes and present us with irrefutable raw combat who's results can not be contested. So for "airing missiles" consider that I am but a humble silent monk who occasionally accepts disciples for scope kung fu training from trusted ally referrals. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about here. I dont even have any zones XD Meanwhile earit has betrayed faceless and brought shame to them. So if I were you I'd just go ahead and unload on him Show him the price for betraying your faceless family! EDIT: We are off topic! How about the battle of Manhattan when we planned a swarming to take place after Maecenus left, but his plane was snowed in and he cube pillaged us XD cubing wasn't so common back then i MAY be wrong about him using cubes. Either way it was fun night! "On 01/25/2013 many valiant swarm warriors conspired to reclaim recently lost zones to the massing legion. They employed a Shifting maneuver attack in 2 waves and used a 3rd team as a backfire project to distract legion. Though the 3rd detachment joined late the enemy still believed it to be the REAL attack (intel revealed later) in spite of the other attacks that already began. The attack was timed to hit after Maecenus, the TX legion warrior, left NY after his visit and rallying of legion troops. As luck would have it, his flight was delayed."
  10. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    It can, but I find its helpful to augment it a bit. In the art of war it is assumed there will be lives lost. In qonqr you cant kill your enemies off permanently nor be killed permanently. This forces adaptations. for example you won't die if you trust the wrong person or if you make a bad move. In qonqr you can learn from mistakes. In the art of war you don't learn by mistakes because you have become dead if you make one. For example sun tzu suggests lying to your own people or putting them into bad positions to elicit certain behaviors. I would never lie to swarm. Our people trust objectives because they trust who is making objectives and not because of military discipline. In the end credibility, "honor" and taking the time to find reliable allies can get more energy invested in them because "doing the honorable thing" may cause the loss of bots, but doing the crappy thing means you will be remembered for that for eternity. Oh and I've been thinking about my words earlier regarding dover. I did n ot mean to imply that 1mil bkph is not epic! I merely meant its always more gratifying to have a balanced battle. Like if you had 100 people locally defending against 100 attacking that would be neat XD
  11. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    I remember dover as well. No swarm defended it. It was a tough decision, but we arent about wasting peoples missiles to defend a zone with no active locals. That was a pretty big zone though I'll give you that. I just don't know if i'd call it a memorable battle since there was no battle to speak of really. A good battle, i think, will be one where its not one sided and you are on the edge of your seat wondering what the out come will be. And at the last second a team of 3 or 4 new guys you forgot about come through and save the day or something.
  12. Most Memorable Qonqr Battles

    I remember Kimbro I have some records of it somewhere. As you know I love the tales of battle and sharing them, but it would be hard to pick a MOST memorable. I have details on about 100 large scale swarming operations. All of which had cool stories, twists and turns, surprises and lessons lol But I suppose the first things that come to mind was when you guys drew a picture out of zones for me for my birthday XD the swarm symbol was the picture. I love you guys. This was coordinated by wires only. there were 4 teams I believe Each responsible for a different part of the image. It was pretty sweet.
  13. September Atlantis

    lol Go earit! its not easy to convert "we cant win so we need to ask our enemies to get in bed with us" to "Everyone feel proud and happy!" You are truly a master of words. A politician in the making? or Car salesman maybe? Anyway if you guys practice your scope kung fu I bet in a few years you will be able to get away from the stigma of being known globally as "the factions who need to work together to beat the small rebel forces of Swarm" Atleast you are honest about it though so no one on their teams thinks they just won independently of their own faction skills. It would be wrong to mislead them! And give them false sense of skill and power. good job facless and legion on your victory XD Also I like turtles.
  14. Hello there!

    Hello Italy XD