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  1. Stop being a POOOOP! ;)

  2. Props to East Coast Legion

    Oh yeah..... Pew!
  3. Props to East Coast Legion

    Just making sure I'm not missing out lol ;) Send igm when ya can lol
  4. Jumping from purple to RED

    Its good to have you on our side MACZ. Spread the red!
  5. Props to East Coast Legion

    NICE, you mean there's another base to tear down?! Thanks
  6. Dover, DE was delish ;)

  7. Anyone miss me?

    Welcome back ginWuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! The ip chat has been lonely without you lol
  8. help

    Trust me, you want groupme Tons of legionnaires on there to help you out. Yes groupme isn't the best set up, but you will def love the connections you will have to other players
  9. Props to East Coast Legion

    Pew pew pewwwwwwwww dammit!!!!! We had much fun with this!!! Thanks swarm
  10. ICEB's Ice Bucket Challenge

    Thanks for the nomination, Gmen
  11. Ice Bucket y'all ...

  12. My milkshakes bring all the bots to the yard!

    1. DELAY_MAc


      Baw ha ha ha nice : )

  13. In Need Of Some In-Game Company

    If you would like some company, I know many friendly Faceless you can chat with! No location required! :-) We use a free app for phones to chat and can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. With chatting, it also adds a whole new level of interaction to the gaming experience! And no, do not switch factions. I promise you we have many many good, communicative player among our faction. Please, contact me via twitter @QonqrICEBITCH or simply send me a private message through this forum and I can hook you up. Have a good one!
  14. exchange rate "oddities" and it's bias?

    L I'm in the forum enough, I just do not typically post, for my own reasons, well, mostly because of the post btr made, just uhg. Would you rather talk to someone who adds nothing to a discussion (betterthannobody) or a "cold clinical discussion"...as you put it. As a public forum, no one is forcing you to read, or engage, in coversation of these posts. What is cold and clinical about discussion of exchange rates? What is cold and clinical about concerns? Maybe we should switch to a topic you are more comfortable with... how about puppies?? Puppies are warm and fuzzy and so not clinical... And yet another Legion not adding to the convo...shocking... Btr- no one has the time or concern to hate you, don't flatter yourself.
  15. Greetings from Romania

    Welcome to Qonqr, irefootabil! Don't listen to MadMighty up there. He is sick with some form of horrible infection... hence the green color
  16. exchange rate "oddities" and it's bias?

    Who let the amature poet in here (yes, you, Btr)? Did you have anything useful to add to this discussion? This isn't Facebook. If not, better get back to those zone I just capped in your area, neighbor....Its looks extremely purple out there If a participating member of a game that is within a public forum of said game wishes to create a topic of discussion, it is absolutely appropriate. Concerns, suggestions, and issues are what the devs encourage. Gaining a clear perspecitve on any topic is also rewarding and engaging for the players and allows them to feel an open channel of communication to devs and other players. The post stated that there were (possible) oddities within the rate of exchange, and the suggestion that all factions be represented fairly by devs. With the constant invasion of multiscopers and rooted phones, I believe the last thing many (legit) players want to deal is one more thing to impede their Qonqring. This may be a case of sheer luck for some, and defeat for others. But the point is that the discussion is here, and has been noted. Many more players could have been wondering the same thing for all we know. There is a response from a dev wihtin this post, and that is good! This post is in no fashion for the gain of an algoritham, as SOMEONE has stated , but for a discussion. Pure and simple.
  17. Maps - WP/iOS

    I have the same issue as well while using my iPod to launch. I cannot seem to reach certain areas I could reach before from the same location...
  18. ****...I forgot all about this thing...